Friday the 13Th Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on April 13, 2012
A.P. asks from Garland, TX
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Hi mamas!
My son is turning 7 in a few weeks and wants a "Friday the 13th" (the movie, not the day) themed birthday party. I am not sure as to where he came up with the idea, he has never seen the movie (or anything simular). So I am looking to ya'll for help with ideas on what I can do for a kid appropriate party with a horror movie theme. PLEASE Help!! :)
Here is some info: the party will be held at a park with about 15-20 1st graders, both boys and girls. TIme has not been set, and I am open to ideas for games, food, craft, and decoration ideas. I want to honor his request, but at the same time I want to make sure the party is competely appropriate for 7 and 6 year olds. ANY help would be much appreciated!!!!
Thanks so much!!!!!

To clarify, my son is a great kid, who likes spooky things, mostly in the arena of halloween, goosebumps, ect. He has seen Friday the 13th paraphernalia, I believe the scary mask is what he likes, in halloween stores and such. He knows the movie is scary, and wants what I assume to be a scary party, with the mask playing a role. I am a teacher and know what is not appropriate for children his age, I also know the parents of his friends who know I will not be having anything innappropriate at his party. This is why I am having a difficult time trying to find scary that is age appropriate. So if you have some suggestions, I would love to hear them. If you have opinions, which are ridiculous to have when you know neither the person, or the bulk of the information regarding situation, please turn off your comuter and go get a life. Thanks

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm guessing that, not having seen the movie, he's just looking for a 'scary' theme. I would just pull out the halloween-themed stuff like the graveyard rice krispie treats and the eyeball cupcakes. You can do tag or hide and seek with monster themes.
Kids at this age start with the scary stories and all, so I don't think it is inappropriate. It doesn't have to be Freddy Kruger level, just more like Goosebumps.

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answers from Milwaukee on

i don't think a friday the 13th party is right for a 7 year old...if my son was invited to the party i wouldn't let him go knowing of this theme!!! and i know you are thinking well your son isn't invited anyway....there are so many other themes for parties that would be more right for a 7 year old!!!

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answers from San Antonio on

This is a bit strange, esp if he hasn't seen the movie. I'd ask him FIRST what he was thinking he would want to do ....maybe like a Halloween party except in the middle of the summer? Complete with spider rings on the cupcakes and bats and stuff?

ps. I agree that my son may not go if I saw an invitation with Freddy Kreuger or whoever on the front of the card. "Uh, no Honey. I think we're ... uh ... busy that weekend."

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answers from Jacksonville on

Yeah, thinking that I would ask him what he has in mind. His idea of the movie and yours may be really different!

Otherwise, I got nothing. I can't think of a single thing to make that movie kid appropriate.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Well, maybe you could just make the things and food at this party w/a
scary theme like:

-eyeball cucakes
-dry ice for some smoke
-Ore Ida french fries w/ketchup (blood)
-spaghetti w/red sauce for worms
-maybe decorate the table w/spooky things like spiders, fake fingers?
-put a Halloween-type spin on it?
-spooky halloween music?
Hope that helps.


answers from San Francisco on

Please ask your son what he means by a "Friday the 13th" theme.
Did he just see a picture of Jason in his mask and think it was cool?
You should be asking him questions, he's obviously been exposed to something, maybe some of the kids were "playing" it on the playground.

And I would absolutely try to talk him into something more age appropriate, maybe a "spooky" party or "tricks and treats." If he balks just explain to him that Friday the 13th is a movie about someone who hurts a lot of people and a lot of parents aren't going to be thrilled about sending their kid to that kind of party :(



answers from Austin on

My daughter will be having a 6th birthday party on Saturday, and she wants a "Doctor Who" theme. None of her little friends are going to "get" it, but we are honoring that request, too, but modifying it a little to be "space" themed as well, since he does technically travel in space. Maybe make yours a "classic horror movie" theme?

Maybe you can borrow one of our ideas:
One of the games we are going to play is a variation of Frog Detective. In our game, the "Doctor" has to find the "mad scientist" who is turning everyone else into "robots." You pick a detective (or doctor, or monster hunter, or whatever), and give everyone else a notecard. One of the notecards is marked, and that person is the criminal (or mad scientist or monster or whatever). Everyone wanders around the field. If the (marked card) person touches you, you get turned into something (a fly, a robot, a zombie, maybe?) The detective has to figure out who the monster is before everyone becomes a robot or a zombie.



answers from Dallas on

Oh A.! I LOVE the edit. I'm sorry if you got nasty responses. I've had that happen once and it's so frustrating because you just need help. My 7 going on 8 year old daughter also loves spooky I'm interested to hear how this goes. She's more along the lines of Tim Burton kind of creepy.
Depending on the park, you could make it a scavenger hunt sort of thing where the kids have to find all the missing parts of the zombie or something....and leave an old shirt buried in the mulch, and a boot under the slide...etc. The last clue could lead the kids to the mask which is under the table where the cake is...and the cake could have the giant knife sticking out of it (which you'll use to cut the cake of kids touch that). Then just let them play? (I haven't read any of the other responses so sorry if all of this has been suggested!) Good luck. Sounds like fun to me. :)



answers from New York on

I am really confused by your question. He hasn't seen the movie, so why would he want a party about that movie? Did you ask him about it? Why does he like it? The movie is about killing ok, no matter how you sanitize it. It is NOT at all appropriate for a 7 year olds birthday.


answers from Dallas on

Hi! We throw cake decorating P. and see all kinds of requests from kids. They have such great imaginations. Do you think you could derail it from the movie to Friday the 13th, bad luck kind of party? I hope I am not repeating anyone elses ideas, I didn't read all the posts. You could do little monster theme cakes/cupcakes or maybe black cats. Put a ladder out and dare kids to walk under it. Play a side walk game where they step on all the cracks and see that their mother DIDN'T break there back. Print out Murphy's law and debunk some of those, etc. I have lots of idea in this category if you would like to contact me. When I refer to contact me I mean call to discuss, ideas don't have to equal cake party. I just love being creative!

Explain Friday the 13th (bad luck), tell him the movie is based on bad luck... hey your not lying. Pretty sure getting sliced up by a killer is bad luck... lol Maybe if you give him ideas like this he will change his mind.

S. - DFW Cake Decorating P.



answers from Chicago on

Boys that age are talking about spooky and scary stuff. With Friday the 13th coming up somebody has probably mentioned that there is a movie that's really scary, etc. etc. I can see how I could have mentioned that "There is a really scary movie called Friday the 13th" to my boys when we talk about Friday the 13th. I don't think it's anything to be alarmed about. He wants to be cool.

I suggest you work with Halloween ideas. Slightly disturbing foods, spooky decor and I'm sure he'll be excited about it.



answers from Dallas on

Oh my! I thought I was going to open this and find a party question for a 13
year old. I don't know that you'll be able to pull this off. It's just not appropriate. If we got an invite to a Friday the 13th party and I found out it was referring to the slasher movie, we'd decline the invitation. Mostly, because I'd be concerned about how far the host would take it. And I'd be worried about causing my son to get worked up over mad men running through the woods with a machete...we camp a lot. That could be a problem. ;)

I understand wanting to "honor his request", but sometimes our kids ask for things they just are really ready for. Maybe do a "gross out" theme. I did this with my best friends son once when he turned 8. We made kittly litter cake and had slime juice to drink. There was a slime relay. And a bug hunt (search for plastic bugs). We did the trick where we put peeled grapes in a bowl and told them it was eyeballs , etc. THis had some creepy factor, but it was completely age appropriate.

My son is one who doesn't get scared of most movies. We had a Ghostbuster themed party for his 5th and I had a few parents call to ask the party plans. They were concerned we were going to show the movie. So if Ghostbusters are a concern, I can only imagine the reaction to a slasher movie themed party. GL Mama!

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