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Updated on February 12, 2011
S.S. asks from Lawrence, KS
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My 4 year old daughter just transitioned from a home daycare to a full time preschool. This is her 1st full week at this preschool and tomorrow they are planning on taking a field trip to a distribution center and retirement home to sing Valentine songs. My family was excited that she is going on her first field trip and my husband and I didn't hesitate to sign our consent. However, this morning my husband said there was a sign up sheet for drivers and they requested us to bring a car seat. Both my husband and I are not comfortable with carpooling. We thought the children would be riding in the school bus. So, this morning my husband asked the teacher for clarification and she said that, in fact, they would be carpooling since the bus was not big enough to fit all the children. She continued to say that she would feel comfortable sending the kids with any of the parents that signed up. 1) We don't know these people or their backgrounds; as I'm sure the school doesn't do background checks on the parents LOL 2) We don't know their driving habits. So my question is this: Are we being over protective, unrational parents? Should we just get over our fear and allow her to go? My husband and I both work so one of us can either take the day off and drive our daughter to the field trip (we don't want her to miss out) OR we allow her to ride with another parent. I know older kids carpool for field trips sometimes, but I thought it was more elementary age and up. ???

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your wonderful advice! We decided to ask the teachers if we could request our daughter ride the bus this time. The bus does require booster seats for the children, so I believe they have seat belts. I just felt because I didn't know anyone yet, that I wasn't 100% comfortable with them transporting her. I get it...I was over reacting and on Monday the preschool has a Valentine's Day party with the parents that I plan on attending. Hopefully I will get to know some of the parents there and next time I will feel more comfortable "letting go". :) Thank you fabulous people!

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answers from Austin on

I am going to guess there are going to be a ton of parents who will be signing up to drive.. I bet many of these parents have multiple children and are used to driving multiple children.

The trust of the other parent is totally up to you. If you are really worried, then yes, take off part of the day and drive, but I am going to guess, they are all parents just like you and at some point you will be the parent they will be giving the hairy eye ball to.

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answers from Springfield on

Our son's preschool does this for every field trip (they do not have a bus). However, most of the moms are SAHM, so we end up with 18 kids and 15 moms! Personally, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable with someone else driving him, but you do and that's ok. Since she just started going, you or your husband might really want to go (if you can). I know I've enjoyed going with my son to his field trips. I wasn't able to go on the most recent trip because of my work schedule, and I kind of felt like I missed out. Just a thought.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Since your daughter is a new student there, and you are new to all of this, I would suggest that THIS time, one of you take the day off and go. It will be a great opportunity for you to meet some of the other parents (probably the moms and possible some grandparents). The same parents are likely the ones that show up for ALL of these kinds of things... the room moms, the party throwing moms, the ones on the PTO, the ones who chair fundraising events for the school, etc. Go be a part of it, meet some of them, and get yourself in the "loop". You will put your own mind at ease AND get off to a great start for future events.

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answers from Raleigh on

Honestly, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable with this. However, since you do, talk to your work. My law, you are allowed to receive paid time off for so many school activities per year. (At least that's how NC does it) See if you can work something out with them so you or your hubby can take your daughter and other classmates.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

It's common to me to have parents sign up. You should be glad it's not buses, it is much safer. In school buses the kids are not in car seats. If that bus has an accident the kids will get hurt from not being secured. Buses don't even have seat belts.

As you get to know the other parents over the next few months you will most likely feel more comfortable with them.

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answers from Phoenix on

I certainly support kids that age to ride with their own child's parent. But that is hard when your working. I was always able to take my kids .
So I did not have this deliema. I would certainly take the day off and go if it were me. By the time they grow up and are in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, The teachers only choose so many parents at a time to go due to space and cost. By then though, you will know those parents if you stay at the same school. But at this age........GO.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Well, it's already planned the way it is planned. If it makes you that uncomfortable, either you or your husband should take the time off work and volunteer to be a driver. Or maybe ask Grandma, Grandpa, or favorite relative to chaperone and be a driver (some grandparents love these opportunities) Alternatively, you could also ask the preschool teacher for the names of the parents who are the volunteer drivers. Maybe you will know one of them and request that your child ride in that car. OR, I assume the teachers will be driving too. You could ask that that your child ride in one of the teacher's cars.

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answers from Dover on

I find it more odd that it wasn't specified on the permission slip. My daycare always does. Can you request that she ride w/ on of the teachers since she is so new there and doesn't know the other parents yet? I have to agree with you especially at age 4.

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answers from Kansas City on

I would drive my child myself. I am funny about letting my kids ride in other people's cars. I just feel that if something happened (God forbid!) I would never forgive myself for something that I could have prevented. I know my opinion is not the most popular, but that's my take! It is just one day, and if the field trips became too frequent, I would look into back up child care for those days if it was not possible to take off of work. It's okay to be over-protective. They are only little for a few precious years.

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answers from Joplin on

In Missouri, if you are in any contact with a child, you have to have a back ground check on file. With preschool, church, whatever. I know this because I have worked as a sunday school teacher, Have one, Preschool teacher ( private, or public), have one. Substitute, have one. But if you do not know the other parents, I would also feel more comfortable with my child to be with me. I get it. But get to know the parents for next time.

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answers from Cleveland on

i would take a day off either you or your husband which ever is better able to get off of work.

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