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Updated on December 17, 2008
A.W. asks from Liberty, NE
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I read another posted message on here about the time frame to wait until trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage....
Well, I have 4 children (13, 12, 11, and 2). My 2 year old daughter was born in October 06 and in February 07 I found out that I was pregnant again. Unfortunately, this was my one and only miscarriage ever... OK, I'm babbing....

Here's my question, I haven't been able to get pregnant since my last miscarriage... I would really like to have another baby. I've been to the doctor to find out what's going on and have gotten no answers. They've done an utrasound and said that they only found some small follicle cysts. Then put me on birth control to get them to dissolve on their own.

Right now, with the economy dropping, we can't afford to get any fertility drugs from the doctor's office.
Does anyone have any other suggestions????

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answers from Minneapolis on


I had 2 kids (they were 9 & 3) and was trying for #3. I got pregnant in July 06' and miscarried in Sept 06'. It took me a long time to get pregnant with that one I was afraid it would take another year to get pregnany again. I too have a small cyst on one side. Well after my miscarriage we tried again in October & November and than I decided to get the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. I got pregnany the second month on it. I realized I was actually ovulation 4 days later than I thought I was. This Monitor tells you when you are ovulation. So needeless to say I wish I would have found it sooner...

Good Luck and just remember good things come to those who wait (even impatiently)....lol

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answers from Minneapolis on

I'm not sure how this might play out with cysts, but Clomid might work very well for you. It's pretty cheap, too - I think I paid about $25 per month with no insurance coverage. Herbal supplements and vitamins could easily cost more than that and not be as effective.

But you really need to make sure your body is healthy and ready for another pregnancy, too.

Good luck!



answers from Lincoln on

Yes! I would imagine that your hormones are wacked out from the miscarriage and then the artificial hormones. I would advise talking to the gals at National Pharmacy Specialists. (73rd & Pioneer) They can do saliva tests to check the levels of all your hormones (cheap) and then guide you in how to set them back to where they neeed to be. Best of luck.
B. Friesen



answers from Des Moines on

There are natural ways that, in my opinion are better than any man made drugs. Our planet Earth is full of natural substances, like herbs, minerals, stones, rocks that are available to help in a natural way, without side effects and the risk of potential harm. More powerful than that is your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. In my experience, aligning these all together, would create the result you seek. Affirmations and visualizations have worked for me as well.
In Light,
L. Anne



answers from Des Moines on

You didn't say anything about your general health, and I know from personal experience that it played a huge part in my fertility. There is a ten year age gap between my 1st and 2nd child, (I never used any birth control) and a year between number 2, 3, and 4. What I did differently between child number 1 and 2 is got in shape, exercised daily, took my vitamins, including omega 3's, and got healthy mentally (made sure to have my quiet time every day). I know that this does not solve all fertility issues, but you have four children already, so it doesn't appear that we are talking about the same issues that someone else might be having with fertility. My best to you and your family, I understand how frustrating it is to want another baby and not seem to be able to get pregnant.



answers from Appleton on

great book: "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, PhD. Easy to ready, makes sense, etc. Should be a "must read" for all women of child bearing age--great for conception OR pregnancy avoidance without hormone treatment.



answers from Omaha on

Acupuncture can help and so can getting a good massage. I happen to do a fertility massage session and would love to talk more about it to you. my website to find out more info is LotusMassageTherapy.com, I have had a handful of success stories with this treatment. Thanks K. Licensed Massage Therapist



answers from Minneapolis on

There's a really good discussion board on Mothering.com with a good board on trying to conceive. I know folks on there use all kinds of natural methods to try to conceive. These things might be more low cost than fertility meds at the Dr. and better for you. Some things folks have tried are a complete B vitamin (with 100mg B6)and if you haven't done any charting of your temps and following your fertility signs, you might want to try that. It really helped us.



answers from Madison on

I found a helpful website, you could always check that out and see if anything their helps you out. She talks about some herbal supplments to take instead of fertility drugs.


I am on Letrozole currently - a fertility drug similar to clomid - and i get that thru Navitus pharmacy - its a mail order company but that was the only place my insurance would cover my fertility drugs - I beleive I pay $30 a month for them.

Good luck, just know you are not alone.



answers from Minneapolis on

A., A really good friend of mine tried for 7 years to get pregnant. She started taking OPC-3 which is a highly concentrated anti-oxident. Before long she got pregnant and now has a 4 month old baby girl. She says she's her OPC baby! If you would like to talk to her you could send me a personal message and exchange numbers or you could check out OPC-3 on this site. www.marketamerica.com/pamrorman.
hope this helps



answers from Cedar Rapids on

Have you checked with your insurance company just in case they would cover fertility issues? My best friend and her husband have been ttc for YEARS and they just recently found out that proceedures they didn't think would be covered (IVF) are, and they are getting IVF next month! (I'm very excited :) )
Good Luck



answers from Minneapolis on

Have you tried ovulation kits?


answers from Omaha on

I can't get pregnant without the use of herbs. The main ones that I use are False Unicorn Root and Vitex. Back in the 1800's Native Americans chewed on FUR for infertility issues. You can get it in pill or dropper form. You can get them at Vitacost.com. With our first it took us 3 years to get pregnant. We tried fertility treatment and nothing worked. Just made us broke. So I tried herbs and got pregnant in 2 months. My husband was also on Fertility Blend for Men that you can get at GNC. With our second we tried for a year. I went back on the herbs and got pregnant in 1 month. Drink Red Raspberry Tea also. Helps tone the uterus. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.




answers from Duluth on

First, I am very sorry you had to endure the miscarriage. I had a stillborn little girl a couple of years ago and following was unable to get pregnant for a year. I went to the doctor and did some simple blood tests. I found out that my prolactin levels were high- this can cause problems with ovulation and conception. Fortunately, I got pregnant about a week after I got the test results!It is worth looking into since it is just some blood tests.

Try an ovulation kit, they are pretty inexpensive and you may learn that you are ovulating earlier/later than you think.
Best of luck to you and take care!


answers from Sioux City on

The first thing that pops into my mind is to get your progesterone level checked. You wouldn't have to submit that under fertility if your cycle was not quite what it was they could put it under abnormal cycle. I would also stay away from the pill. That does more damage than good. The doctor never got to the reason why you had the cysts and that may be your answer to why your not getting pregnant. The pill may have dissolved the cyst but it didn't take care of the underlying reason that you got the cyst and it may come back. Find a doctor that believes in NFP. They tend to look at the whole picture and why. They will look at hormone levels and are more familiar with how to regulate your body more naturally.



answers from Rochester on

I think sometimes there's a bigger picture at play, and babies come along when they are supposed to :)

Case #1: My mom got pregnant with my older sister immediately, and she was born 9 months after the wedding. Completely unplanned :) When she was about 2 1/2 my 'rents decided it was time for #2 (me.) It took them 5 years to conceive me, and mom admits she'd pretty much given up!

Case #2: One of my best girlfriends had a [email protected]____.com fertility issues there obviously! Spent 7 years not using birth control with her hubby, they figured they couldn't conceive and now they have an 11 year old. Surprise again! They had planned on #2, but after a few years, gave up on the thought due to it never happening. So yeah, after the 7 years it was a surprise!

I also know that the older we women get, the harder it is to conceive in any given month and as we creep up past 30 it's even harder, so hang in there, and try not to stress about it as i think stress can hurt the process, too :)

I also agree with the post about using an ovulation monitor so you can figure out when you are most fertile :) OUr cycles can be weird sometimes!

Good luck to you!!! :)

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