Face Itching, No Rash

Updated on September 26, 2011
K.J. asks from Naperville, IL
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My 4 yr old son's face has been itching like crazy for the past few days. We will be getting seen at the doctor this week, but I just wanted to check with y'all to see if you've ever had a similar experience. So far he doesn't have any diagnosed allergies.

He has no rash
No fever
He does have a cough, which is worse in the early morning
Antihistimines have helped

We haven't switched soap, laundry detergent, bought any new fabrics, or introduced any new foods.

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So What Happened?

Already checked him for bites & for lice, but definitely great suggestions! Thanks Rachel!

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answers from Columbia on

Sounds like allergies. He's run into an allergen somewhere. It might be outside or at pre-K? Either way, Benadryl should take care of it until you can get to the pediatrician.

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answers from Philadelphia on

until you can go to a doctor, try the Benadryl still but use 1% Hydracortisone cream for the itching. I had to use that on my sons face when he was a baby when his eczema would break out.

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answers from Richmond on

Any bug bites? Check his scalp...

Is he on any medication? I had to take yucky LORTAB when my son bruised my back, that stuff made me itch SO BAD.

Hope he feels better!

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answers from Honolulu on

I would have taken him to an Urgent Care office if you couldn't get into a Ped office by now.

It can be anything.



answers from Dallas on

Ask about perioral dermatitis. Worth a shot.

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