Youis Benadryl Safe for 7 Month Old?

Updated on February 15, 2015
N.C. asks from Robstown, TX
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Is it safe to give my 7 month old Benadryl? I think he has seasonal allergies, we were playing outside he was in his stroller, when we came back inside I noticed some red little bumps on his cheeks, ears, and back of his neck they haven't spread anywhere else, I gave him a long bath but want to know if he needs to go to the ER, grandma says she thinks he's got seasonal allergies any help would be greatly appreciated!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the answers, I did call a nurse at our hospital we have an appointment on Monday! The bumps are slowly going away I didn't think grandma was right by saying he could have Benadryl at such a young age.

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answers from Houston on

When I have a question about medicine I always ask the pharmacist they are a lot more knowledgeable about dosing/medication and are super helpful. He could have Benadryl that young but you need the correct dosing and I only give medicine as absolutely necessary as there is always a risk for a reaction and it's good for the body to build its own defenses. To be it sounds like wind blown I would just put some lotion on it.

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answers from Austin on

You need to talk to his health care provider before you give him any kind of OTC allergy/cold medicine.

The red bumps could have just been a windburn kind of thing.... I would think some moisturizing cream would work well.

And no, unless he is running a high fever, or is struggling to breathe, he doesn't need to go to the ER.

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answers from Norfolk on

I found this:


So - check with your pediatrician before you give him anything.

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answers from Toledo on

That doesn't sound anything like seasonal allergies. It sounds like either an allergic reaction or wind burn. But, as others have mentioned, it's best to ask your doctor.

My son had a rash on his arms one morning, but my husband snd I didn't think anything of it. An hour after dropping him off at daycare they called and asked me about it. They weren't too concerned since I knew about it, but 30 minutes later they called to tell me it spread. That's how an allergic reaction often behaves. I did take him to the doctor, snd he determined it was an allergic reaction to a new bubble bath Santa had left in his stocking. My son was 4, so Benedryl was the suggestion.

By the way, doctors usually recommend Clariton on Zyrtec for seasonal allergies and Benedryl for an allergic reaction or an acute case.

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answers from New York on

Always ask your pediatrician before giving them anything. He/she can tell you if its ok and how much to give.

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answers from New York on

Grandma is not a doctor, and the ER is meant for emergencies. A little rash is not an emergency. Do not expose your infant to the germs in an ER, and do not take up their time when there are people with actual emergencies.

Please call your own pediatrician or take your baby to a walk in urgent care office. Do not give your infant any over the counter medicines without consulting with the doctor.

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answers from Portland on

I think that if these bumps are hives caused by an allergy a warm bath would cause them to worsen. You didn't mention if they itched. If they don't, I suggest they aren't hives.

I'm glad you have an appointment To check this out.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The doc will tell you when and if the baby can have Benadryl. It is serious medicine and you'll likely be able to give him a tiny amount BUT the doc needs to tell you how severe his allergies should be before giving it to him and exactly how much.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!!

Before giving ANY child under the age of 2 Benadryl, please consult your doctor.

There is a children's Benadryl, however, even that one states to consult a doctor for children under the age of 2. IF he was not "scratching" the red bumps?? Might not be seasonal allergies. Could be wind burn if he didn't have something covering his face and it was windy out.

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

It could be roseola, heat rash, or an allergy with a rash response. I'm glad that you did not give him Benadryl and called the nurse.

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answers from Los Angeles on

When my son was 9 months old he had a severe allergic reaction to yogurt and his doctor told me to give him Benadryl. He weighed about 20 lbs at the time (weight is usually more important than age when determining dosage). Anyway, Benadryl in babies does not completely need to be avoided, but it does need to be given properly.

As others said, only your doctor/nurse can tell you what to do and what dosage is safe. Just wanted to let you know that Benadryl is ok for babies in the right situations.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi N.,

Benadryl should be kept in the home for emergencies...e.g. Bee stings. No OTC medication was meant for more, they have just evolved. Our family's first line of defense is chiropractic care. If the brain is supposed to communicate with every muscle, tissue, organ and cell then it needs a clear neurological path. That path is kept clear through chiropractic care. Go to and find a pediatric specialist in your area. It will help!

God bless,

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answers from Washington DC on

grandma may well be right, but always check with your doctor before giving a tiny baby any medications not already approved.

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answers from Miami on

The last thing I would do is use something that can make a person sleepy on a 7 month old baby. There are even some meds, like Dimetapp, that are okay to use for children (not babies) but for some children, the effects are cumulative and they have a hard time waking up. (This happened to my child when he was 2. I learned that he couldn't tolerate it at that age.)

I'm glad you're taking him to the doctor.

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