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Updated on December 10, 2006
K.G. asks from Jacksonville, FL
4 answers

I took my 8 month old son to the doctor on Monday because of an infection. Well the doc noticed right away that his eye isn't aligned and he said he had either esotropia or amblyopia. It means that his eye is not aligned strait and if he doesnt receive treatment that it will cause permanent damage resulting in blindness. The doc said he will probably just need treatment since they caught it so young. He has been referred to an Ophthamologist. but what it weird is that my brother who is 10 years younger than me had the also and he was diagnosed at 3 years and since treatment didnt work he had to have surgery which worked. I'm wondering if anyone else has has experience with this and if so how about with a child so young. thanks :)

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answers from Washington DC on

It is a good thing you caught this so early. I think more people need to take their children to eye doctors during the first year. There are so many things that can be fixed if caught early enough. Since he is so young, I'm sure they can get it taken care of. My brother had this and it was corrected without surgery. I took my son to the opthamologist at 3 months of age due to a birth mark and they caught a severe nearsightedness. With Rx glasses, it corrected itself in 6 months. We will be taking him every year from now on. What I would strongly suggest to you is to get a second opinion. I highly recommend Dr. Scott Silverman of Sarasota eye clinic. He has offices in Lakewood ranch, bradenton and sarasota. he also does Saturday appointments and has tons of toys in his waiting area, my son loves going there (he is only 20 months old). He is an expert and I think when it comes to a condition that can be serious, everyone should always get multiple opinions! You can google him and get his phone number, I don't have it on me. Good luck and encourage everyone to take their children for eye exams!



answers from Jacksonville on

my daughter who is three had the same problem with her eyes hers was because of hydroceples on her head but she still had problems with her eyes and dr hered in jacksonville at nemours was wonderful he did the surgery and they are now perfect.i would referr him to anyone.



answers from Tampa on

My daughter (now 7 yrs old), was diagnosed and had eye muscle surgery on both eyes before her 4th b-day. She wear glasses for slight farsightedness and an accomadative esotrope in her right eye.

I don't know where you live, but Dr J.Bruce Hess, a pedicatric opthamologist, down at All Children's Physicians building in St Petersburg, is great. I have talked to many other patient's parents who have come from N florida to see him. I don't have his # right here near me but let me know and I can get it for you.



answers from Panama City on

Hi K.,

My daughter was diagnosed with esotropia at 10 months. I had been complaining to my pediatrician that her eyes seemed crossed but everyone told me it would self correct. Anyway at 9months I finally demanded to see a specialist. As soon as we finally got the appointment, the pediatric opthamologist confirmed what I had suspected. My daughter's was congenital (from birth) and not due to poor vision, thus she had to be surgically treated. She underwent surgery at 11 months and did great! The surgery is and instant success. When it was over her eyes were red, but they were straight. And it was really wonderful to see her experience the world with both eyes working together. The opthamologist said the sooner (prior to 1 year old) children with esotropia have the surgery, the better their chances are to use both eyes together and to develope DEPTH PERCEPTION. This is what I was most worried about since most sports and some professions (I am a dentist) require this. Also, the doctor mentioned that she may need additional surgeries in the future.

Sorry for the long response, but I would make sure they are sending you to a pediatric opthamologist and just be glad they caught it early.

Good luck!

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