End of the Season Soccer Party

Updated on May 02, 2008
A.H. asks from Frisco, TX
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Okay, last night I was approached by the coach to organize the end of the season soccer party and I accepted. However, I just can not come up with a fun idea / theme or what to do?? Any ideas. BTW, it is a girls team and they are 3rd graders. Looking forward to hearing ideas.

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My youngest son sometimes goes to someone's house (they have their own mini bounce house). They just grill out and the kids just play and have fun. Most of the time the end of season soccer parties are held at Gatti Town in Frisco. It is a popular place for end of season parties. I would e-mail some of the other parents and see what they'd prefer. For me, Gatti Town got to be a bit pricey when I had 3 boys in soccer and their parties were at different times. It costs just to get in so there really isn't an option of only paying for the child. I also prefer to just be at someone's house because the parents get to visit (instead of chasing the kids around the game room) and the kids just play.

I don't know if you have anyone taking up a collection for a small gift for the coach, but that is a common practice as well. Everyone usually pitches in $5 or $10 and then the one in charge usually gets a gift certificate to somewhere.

Hope that helps some!



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I, along with my daughter, own Bouncin Bonanza in Crowley..we are a large indoor facility with 13 bounce houses, including a jousting ring, obstacle course, mazes, slides, etc.
we host birthday parties, team parties and have open bounce time. Please call us at ###-###-#### for more information.
I hope we are able to help you out..



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I am in the process of planning ours. We are keeping it simple. We are meeting at the park after our last game. We are going to grill hot dogs and each parent is bringing something. (Chips, drinks, plates etc) I am making soccer cupcakes for the girls and we will give out the trophies. Its a chance to for the girls to get together to just play and have fun. Also, for the coaches- we are buying soccer balls and letting the girls all sign them, then we will give to the coaches as a thank you. Good luck and keep it simple so you too can enjoy it.



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Hi! I do Noah's Ark Animal and Bella Bee Glamour Girl Parties - both would be great!!! www.noahsarkworkshop.com/teresadoerr3713

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