Ellaroo Organic Mei Hip Baby Carrier

Updated on June 12, 2008
M.H. asks from Springfield, VA
6 answers

I know there have been requests about baby slings and I have read through them. I don't recall seeing any specifically on this carrier. I am going to have my second child in August and have never used one of these slings before. I like the way this looks, but it seems to be geared towards older babies. Has anyone used this one before? Does it work for newborns? I am registering at babiesrus.com and they are very limited on their slings. If I don't get much feedback, I will try to decide on another brand and just tell my mom about it. If anyone has gotten a sling through babiesrus, let me know what you think about them! This is the only baby gear item I am having trouble deciding on because I never used one with my first! Thank you all!

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answers from Punta Gorda on

I would check out thebabywearer.com

Babies R Us has a very limited selection. I would not go with the baby bjorn. There is a lot of padding between you and baby, and babies position puts stress on their spine.

For newborns and smaller babies I personally like a wrap like a moby or gypsymama. I've also have friends who like their Ergo and Beco carriers.



answers from Naples on

Not sure if you have found a sling yet but have you checked out New Native Slings? Some slings infants seem to sink into with their chin tucked into their chest which can suffocate them. New Native sells an infant pillow that fits conveniently behind your little one's back for support. It also is made to fit you according to your size. The sling is sturdy, conmortable and very versatile taking you right into wearing your toddler. Hope this helps and congratulations on baby #2!



answers from Tampa on

Hi M..
First of all, Congrats!!! Exciting and wonderful. I have a 7 month old and when expecting had similar issues on slings. Some looked cool, others sorta comfy others difficult to deal with because they even came with a DVD! Because of the recall issues with certain items (even carried by Baby's R Us, my husband and I went on Consumer Report and made an educated decision for the Bjorn. It ranked high especially with safety and is quite comfortable. My baby was born 5.2 lbs and I have been using it ever since. At home, walking around, traveling and I even breast fed with it.....it's very private. If you do wish to go with another type of sling, investigate it's quality and safety and some mothers found it better to wait until the baby was born to try out different styles. Many babies feel uncomfortable in them and so can you (once the baby is in). No hurries is my advice and educate yourself. Enjoy!!



answers from Sarasota on

My friend loves her Hotsling. I use the Moby wrap which I found on Amazon which can be used in so many different ways but is harder to take places unless you wear it. Baby wearing is the best! Goodluck



answers from Tampa on

I cannot tell you anything about the carriers you are asking about, but I can tell you that the Baby Bjorn (active or sport) carriers is awesome. I registered at Babies-r-us so I know they have this one there and now it's in tons of colors. Baby faces you when newborn and then faces out when older. I adjusts for height and weight. The product says from 0-3 years. The sport/active style has lumbar support. It's pricy but awesome! We took our 7 months old to Alcatraz and had him in it for ~3 hours, it was great!



answers from Fort Myers on

I have a mei tai and I love it. I have used it from 2 months old and now she is 6 months and we still use it! good luck

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