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Baby Gear Advice

Hi! I was wondering if you could give me advice on the newest baby gear. I gave most of my baby gear away 6 months ago(after my 4th child). Now surprise...I am expecting one more. CRAZY!!! I was wondering about baby slings,stollers,and car seats. I need anything that is going to make my crazy life easier. I will have 5 children under 8. I had every peg perego product but was wondering if something was better. Is the bugaboo worth getting? I currently have a combi,a single peg, a double peg and a double mcclaren. I loved...

Baby Backpacks

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Best Baby Carrier?

I currently have the Native Carrier sling. THis sling is great but I can already tell it won't last long as my baby will soon outgrow it. I'd say I have one more month of use. The slings are also difficult when bending over. So, I'm looking at different carriers such as the Bjorn,backpack carriers, and the hip carrier. I'm really leaning towards the Ella Roo hip carrier as I feel baby is most secure when there are straps and buckles rather than just stretched material held together by a ring. If any of you aboslutely LOVE your carrier or...

Carriers & Slings

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Baby Carrier or Sling

Hi All, I am in the market for a sling or carrier. What are the most popular brands and why. I have done some research, but nothing has been really helpful.........especially for Mommy's who travel mass transit in NYC. I so appreciate any and all comments/suggestions. Thanks!


Best Baby Carrier?

I currently have the Native Carrier sling. THis sling is great but I can...


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Ring Sling for Breastfeeding

I was wondering if anyone had success using a ring sling for carrying their baby? I have 3 baby carriers already (Peanut is too squished, Ellaroo wrap... kind of impractical, and the Bjorn... I use it the most, but can't breastfeed!)but I really want one that I can use to breastfeed without using both arms while out and about. My baby feeds so frequently, and I'm tired of just sitting on my couch all day :) I was looking at the Zolowear cotton ring sling, but someone told me the Maya wrap is more popular, and a little bit...


Baby Wearing Advice

I have been researching different baby carriers for my 3rd baby due next...