Ectopic Miscarriage?

Updated on October 24, 2011
A.S. asks from Buffalo, MO
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I've tried to just search this topic but there are several questions related to ectopic pregnancies and I can't find specifically what I'm looking for. Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy that miscarried naturally, very early on, without the shot? Some weird stuff went on with me last week and I'm convinced this is what happened, but I can't find anyone else that has had a similar experience. I can't really go to the dr. right now, my insurance sucks and I haven't got any extra cash on hand. In a nutshell, I thought my period came early (very unusual for me since I'm generally late and I hadn't had any of my pre-period "signs"), 2 days later I had really bad pains in my back on the left side only (lasted about 6 hours), I took a pregnancy test, even though I thought this was my period because I was afraid I was having an ectopic pregnancy, and it was negative, the next day I had a couple of more dull pains in the front on the same side. My period is usually 1 day mild, 2 heavy, 1 almost nothing...this time on day five I started passing large clots, very large and often. Day six, I had what felt like normal period cramping, but also a lot of pain in my lower back and nausea. I know we're not all doctors on here, but I was hoping someone has had something similar. Thanks.

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answers from Raleigh on

I had all of those symptoms, and it was a ruptured hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. It could be what you say, but it could be something else. Do you have a Planned Parenthood in your area? I used them quite a bit for my gynecological issues when I had poor or no insurance.
Hope his helps.

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answers from Richmond on

You HAVE to go to the doctor. If you don't spontaneously miscarry an ectopic pregnancy, you risk death. The fetus will quickly outgrow the space in your tubes, burst the tubes, then you're at risk for septic shock.

That actually doesn't sound like an ectopic pregnancy, sounds more like a kidney infection, maybe kidney stones, but again, really dangerous and potentially fatal. See if you have a teaching hospital with a clinic, but get your butt in to see someone, like yesterday.

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answers from Hartford on

If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy you're risking death. That's not an exaggeration. You shouldn't just go to the doctor, but to the emergency room.

Chances are this isn't an ectopic pregnancy but one way or another you have to find out what's going on and you HAVE TO see a doctor. Doctor Google and Google Fingers are not a way to diagnose something like this... and Nevaeh forbid you misdiagnose something or hell you diagnose correctly and still don't get treated appropriately, you're going to wish you hadn't worried about the finances of seeing a doctor. JUST GO.


answers from Los Angeles on

I think the pain of an ectopic pregnancy has to do with the size of the fetus at around week 7 causing damage to your fallopian tubes. Though you may have miscarried and it may have been ectopic I don't think there is pain associated with ectopic until the fetus is too large for the space. I agree with another answer you got, it sounds a lot like an ovarian cyst.



answers from Portland on

Those sort of symptoms were a part of my menstrual pattern. I had endometriosis which is when the uterine lining is outside the uterus. When it came to period time, the lining bled but had no where to go and thus caused pain.

I don't know how the large clots, that happened every once in awhile, fit in to my periods but I have wondered if I'd had a couple of spontaneous abortions. They seemed similar to my daughter's spontaneous abortion. My doctor said that often we just don't know what causes changes in menstrual activity. He wasn't concerned about the clots.

There can be several different causes for this pain and some may be serious. If the pain doesn't go away I urge you to see a doctor. You can go to a county clinic who will charge you on a sliding scale. In our area, we have a private clinic that focuses on providing services to people with no insurance. (not necessarily low income but low income is OK, too.)

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