Seeking Help on Ectopic Pregnancy

Updated on April 29, 2012
A.B. asks from Helena, AR
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I recently found out that i am pregnant. I went to the ER with some mild cramps on my left side, about seven years ago i had an ectopic pregancy and i had to have laproscopic surgery to remove the pregnancy. I had a sonogram done in the ER and the radiologist said that there was a small gestational sack in the this was good enough for me to consider that i am out of the woods for another ectopic....however i am having some pain on my left pelvic and back area. The pain is not severe like the last time, but this is driving me crazy...i dont go back to the doctor for another two weeks! What should i do...just wait for the pain to get worse, or should i go to the ER again and tell them i am having some "mild" pain?? I am a nervous wreck, which i know is not good for me at all, any advise on this would be greatly appreicated!

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answers from Boston on

It's normal to be worried when you've had a major episode in the past. Pregnancy causes all kinds of pains, and you probably have some scar tissue from the previous surgery. Ectopic pregnancies usually cause shoulder pain as well - the phrenic nerve refers pain from the area around your Fallopian tubes up to the shoulder. If you don't have that, it's a good sign. A gestational sac in the uterus pretty much confirms that the pregnancy is where it should be. If you still have pain that concerns you, call your OB - they should have appointment slots for urgent care even if your regular appt isn't for 2 weeks. Don't go to the ER and stress yourself out (and rack up costs) unless it's truly a matter of an emergency. But DO call your OB and insist on an early appointment, describing your symptoms and reminding them of your previous trauma.

Good luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

Another possibility is that you have developed an ovarian cyst. They are common in early pregnancy as they produce extra progesterone which helps support the pregnancy. According to my OBGYN, they normally go away on their own later in pregnancy and pose no risk to the pregnancy.

That being said (to hopefully help calm your anxiety a little bit), you are pregnant! If you are worried about your health or the health of your baby, call your OB's office! You could go to the ER if the pain is intense. Since you have a history of ectopic they could do an U/S to rule it out. Sounds reasonable.

I have a favorite story from my first pregnancy. I had a bad cough for weeks when I was about seven months along. It got to the point my ribs were sore from the coughing and I couldn't feel my baby move. I went to my OB and said, "I am a first-time mom. I want someone to listen to my lungs and tell me they're OK, and listen to my baby and tell me he's OK." My OB was great. He said everything sounded fine, prescribed me a great cough syrup and left me hooked up to the fetal heart monitor to listen to my baby for a half an hour and relax so I could feel the movement. It worked. He said, "Peace of mind is as valuable as anything medicine can offer a great deal of the time." If your OB gives you any grief for being worried, find a new OB. :-)

Good luck to you.

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answers from Dallas on

Oh honey! I know! I had an ectopic "removed" in 2006. What you are feeling is most likely scar tissue pain. I still have it, especially when I am pmsing or pregnant. In 2007 while giving birth to my daughter, I got an epidural. It made me completely numb exept for the area around where my ectopic was. They had to give me a second dose and that nailed it.
Scar tissue can cause pain, sometimes intense for moments for me.
If they saw that baby in your womb, it's not another ectopic.
Best of luck with this pregnancy hun! I've lost 3. I know it sucks and it's stressful. Try to relax and take care of yourself. Keep us updated!

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answers from Dallas on

If it is a pain that is causing you concern, then it's worth at least a phone call to the dr (even as an off-hours call) vs waiting two weeks. Your dr will be able to tell you the best course of action. While it most likely will be fine, your peace of mind is worth the phone call, and your dr should be fine with you raising that concern without waiting two weeks.

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answers from San Francisco on

I had pain in my lower back in my seventh month and it turns out it was because my kidneys were failing. I was suffering from preeclampsia. I waited because I didn't want the doctors to wave me off and say "You're pregnant. This is what it feels like." So I put up with it until the pain escilated. Once it became enough to keep me up at night and doses of tylonol no longer could eas it I went to the hospital and found out I was actually sick and this wasn't just regular pregnancy pain.

If the pain increases in intensity then I'd go get it checked out but if it's still the same "mild" pain I'd probably just wait it out.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Never hesitate to call your OB/Gyn with questions.
You will feel SO much better if you call.
Good luck!

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answers from Springfield on

You can ALWAYS call your OB. Never allow yourself to think you must choose between waiting for your next visit and a trip to the ER. Your doctor is available 24/7. That's why he/she gets paid the big bucks.

Our family sees doctors that are part of a rather large clinic, so it's very easy for us. There is one, central number that you call anytime. During the day, the operator connects you to your doctor's office. During off hours there are nurses available to answer questions or to ask questions to help you determine what might be going on. Very often the nurse will call the doctor on call and call you back with advice. This is a free service! (ok, we actually pay for it through our fees, but it is included)

Call your OB! You will probably actually be calling a nurse who will determine whether or not your doctor needs to be consulted, but it's worth the piece if mind - no waiting 2 weeks and no paying ridiculous fees or wasting half your day to go to the ER.

Call your OB. You'll feel better knowing.

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answers from Boston on

I second the ovarian cyst. From:

A cyst is a fluid-filled sac. They can form anywhere in the body. Ovarian cysts (sists) form in or on the ovaries. The most common type of ovarian cyst is a functional cyst.

Functional cysts often form during the menstrual cycle. The two types are:

Follicle cysts. These cysts form when the sac doesn't break open to release the egg. Then the sac keeps growing. This type of cyst most often goes away in 1 to 3 months.
Corpus luteum cysts. These cysts form if the sac doesn't dissolve. Instead, the sac seals off after the egg is released. Then fluid builds up inside. Most of these cysts go away after a few weeks. They can grow to almost 4 inches. They may bleed or twist the ovary and cause pain. They are rarely cancerous. Some drugs used to cause ovulation, such as Clomid® or Serophene®, can raise the risk of getting these cysts



answers from Asheville on

As an OB L+D nurse, Ii would say you are fine, if the sac was in the uterus, then you do not have an ectipoic. that being said, however, there wiould be a VERY small chance that you could have a twin. This would be even less chance if you had your tube removed with the last ectopic. The pain you are describing to me sounds much more like an ovarian cyst, these usually resolve by thenselves by 12-14 weeks. If you continue to have pain and are concerned, I would call your doc as soon as the office opens, just for peace of mind. If your doc is any good, he/she will not mind checking you out just to be sure.



answers from Detroit on

Call your dr. I had an ectopic. I had a few hours of moderate mentrual cramps, and then bleeding. My beta level went up and down, but never got above 400. they insisted that nothing could be seen if my level was so low and that I should have an d & c because it was just a miscarriage. finally, they did an ultrasound and saw it in the tube. a d & c would have been a waste of time. you can have a pregnancy in the uterus and tube at the same time. ask for an ultrasound of your tubes.

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