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Updated on May 07, 2008
K.C. asks from Oakland, CA
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Hello. We are looking for some good walking trails in the East Bay to take our 2-month old. We've been going to the Lafayette Reservoir and have enjoyed the paved walkways and wildlife, now we'd like to explore more of the East Bay. The trails do not have to be paved since we can use a baby carrier, but the option to use a stroller would be nice. thank you.

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The East Bay Regional Park District is full of wonderful places to hike. Most are easy to moderate depending on what you would like to get out of the hike. My favorite place is Tilden Park in Berkeley. Other great places with easy hikes are Kennedy Grove Park in El Sobrante, right off of San Pablo Dam road. Also, Briones Park in Martinez has many entrances, and lots of trails. I've also hiked around Pinole Shoreline park (used to be an old dynamite plant there, very historical). Try also, Roberts Redwoods Park in Oakland. This park is loaded with awesome trails right below the Chabot Space and Science center. El Sobrante Ridge is smaller but still quite nice. There's always Mount Diablo and Mount Tamalpais. Coyote Point in Fremont is an old Ohlone Indian site full of historical points. Check out the link below for more info on East Bay Regional Parks. I've never been to Sibley Park in the East Oakland hills over by Fish Ranch Road , but was told its a great place for a hike also.


Good luck and have fun. Tilden is a must, several trails with beautiful views!

A girl scout leader mom of two girls.

T. Parini

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I like Lake Chabot in Castro Valley, on Lake Chabot Road. It has paved trails for a couple miles in both directions then alot more unpaved. Coyote Hills Park in Union City . Paved . What about the Iron Horse Trail. I think it starts somewhere by Lafayette and goes along ways towords San Ramon.All paved. Have Fun ! K.



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Theresa took took the words right out of my keyboard. :) There is also a reservoir on 24 on the west side of the Caldecott tunnel, I'm not sure of the name of it, but my brother used to take his kids there when they were small. Also, Lake Temescal is in Oakland and may have trails, and of course, a walk around Lake Merritt, but that is all street, not just quiet trails. If you have a dog, Point Isabel shoreline (Richmond) is a must, but fun to walk even without a dog.



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Try Sibley Volcanic Regional Park - Oakland Hills. It is beautiful and amazing. Many people do not know about this place. 10 million year old volcano.


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Sibley, Tilden and Briones are all great. Check the east bay regional park district website for detailed info. As your little one gets bigger you'll especially enjoy Tilden's steam trains, carousel, little farm and nature center.



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We walk the "loop" (Starting from 11500 Skyline parking lot: Dunn to Graham, to West Ridge to Baccharis trail - about 4 miles - 1 hr 15 min) in Redwood Park in Oakland at least twice a week. It is easier with a carrier but can be done with a jogging stroller too. We love it because it also allows off-leash dogs on the trail so the whole family gets to enjoy it. It is beautiful and my 9 month old loves it - we started him on it at 6 weeks!



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