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Updated on January 28, 2011
K.S. asks from Austin, MN
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Hi all! I have been going CRAZY trying to find a dry erase calendar that will fit on my refrigerator! Our fridge has a slightly rounded front, so none of the "board" calendars fit on it. I have tried piling magnet on top of magnet to keep a calendar on there, but it doesn't work. Right now, our current one is velcroed on (seriously) and is falling off. I am wondering if anyone knows of a magnetic "mat" kind of calendar-has to be dry erase- that would just conform to my refrigerator front. I know it sounds like a silly question, but with 2 boys in sports, club meetings, my meetings, etc, I NEED to have a calendar on there so everyone in the house knows what's going on!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the responses! I think I'll be going with the Dooley one-just gotta order it! Thanks again!

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This is the one I use. Each week is a separate strip, so I can plan ahead and don't wipe off a whole month at a time. I like to look ahead in the last weeks of the month to the following weeks and this lets me do that easily.

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answers from Scranton on

My mom had one of thoes since we were little. I looked and looked and never found one so I stole mom's! Lol.

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Depending on what type of refrigerator you have, here's what I do...

I have a run-of-the-mill white one and the top freezer door IS my calander/notepad/shopping list. I use dry erase markers on it and it comes off just like on a board. as long as it is wiped every couple of days (except the calendar), it comes off with a dry paper towel. The calendar, I clean with my lysol cleaner and a sponge when I'm getting ready for the next month. Works like a charm :)

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I bought some dry-erase contact paper a while back at either Walmart, Target or Meijer. It was in the same section as the other contact paper, maybe in the home organizing section? I used it out in the playroom on the wall for my daughter to draw on and she loved it because it was so big and it didn't fall off the wall like the regular dry erase boards would do sometimes. When it came time for us to sell the house and move, it came right off, it had been up there for 3+ years. It also wiped clean easily with a little rubbing alcohol if she left something up there for too long (like months on end).



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I know exactly what you mean. Since the refrigerator is not working out, might I suggest not making the refrigerator your 'nerve center'. You could get one that can be mounted on the wall in a prominent place for all to see. The one I use is not a board as in a bulletin board but a mat that could be rolled up and showcases the week. There are two additional areas. One I use for mental notes and the other I use to preview the weeks ahead. Anyhow we have it posted in our dining room in a prominent place for all to see, read, and 'comprehend ;-)' It cuts down on questions and keeps everyone focused on what needs done, when, and where.



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um if this hasnt worked for you-try a cork board on the wall with push pins..works great



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I found a dry erase "board" at target in their "home improvement" section , you know where they have all those sticker room decor things and the drawer knobs .
It's basically a big sticker.It's removable and re-positional. They also have a chart.
It's like this.

ok wow that is a long link


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I have a magnetic dry erase calendar. The whole thing is a magnet. I've had it forever and not sure where I got it from. But they do make them. Its an actual magnet, so I'm thinking that would help you.

I'm thinking I picked it up at a dollar store or maybe LTD Commodities.

Found a site:




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Office supply stores often have magnet calendars that are one giant magnet with a calander printed on it. The calander is dry erase. I don't have a specific one in mind, but I have seen them. Maybe call around to the Office Max, Office Depots & Staples stores before you drive all over.


answers from Richmond on

I bought one from walmart made by the dry erase dudes (that's to company name)... it has the wall mounts on either side of the back, and because my fridge is the same way, I tied ribbon loops through the mounts, then the whole thing is held in place by some heavy duty magnets :)

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