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Updated on August 10, 2011
E.A. asks from El Paso, TX
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I love how lil kids look in overalls. My daughter has one Jean dress over all type jumper that I got at a thrift store and it looks so cute with a onesie underneath and cute sandals but I cant seem to find some Jean overalls with no embroidery just plain of Jean overalls for my 18 month old so she can use for the fall and winter months. I've seen some for boys but they look boyish so hubs doesn't think they are ok for his lil girl. It's like only dresses for girls cuz they are girls. How do you dress toddlers in fall and winter? Dress overalls with leggings or tights under with long sleeve onesie? When she was born it's was cold so she was always in footie pajamas or coverall romPers. And most of those clothes were given to me, now I have to go buy her winter clothes so just seeing how you all dress your lil girls so I get clues or ideas on what to go out and buy lol seeing as my lil girl grows so fast she needs a whole need wardrobe :) So that's my question how do you dress your girls in fall and winter so they Are comfortable yEt warm? Also would you buy or have you ever bought your girl boy clothes?

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answers from Austin on

I put my daughter in my son's old overalls but I doctored them up. I used one of her big daisy hair bows and clipped it to the front pocket of the overalls and put her in boots. Adorable!

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answers from Los Angeles on

osh kosh... my daughter only wears boys overalls because they are made better. i just put a cute shirt on her and matching bows. my daughter is 4 and has only owned 2 pairs of girls overalls lol.

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answers from Richmond on

My eldest daughter is a tom boy, so yes, we frequently shop the boys section, no big deal! ;) She might wear a boys skull and cross bone t shirt with a poofy hot pink tutu. She rocks ;)

As far as keeping kids warm (you're in TX! Isn't it always warm?!), like when it's CRAZY cold in VA, I put the kids in layers, starting with tight fitting jammies, then jeans over that, a long sleeve turtleneck, then a sweater on top of that... then a jacket, hat, gloves, 2 paids of socks... this way they can peel away layers if they're too warm, or put more on if they're cold.

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answers from Portland on

Long sleeve shirts and embroidered or plain jeans with cute boots or shoes. Or short sleeve shirts/onesies with pants over them with a jacket. Or a denim/cute skirt with leggings, heavy tights under them.
Children's place, carters (a lot of time JcPenneys sells Carters brand cheaper than the actual website), Osh Kosh, Baby Gap are really cute. My personal favorite is Children's Place :)

My daughter has those tagless hanes toddler shirts in gray and black, technically boys but when she wants something loose she can wear them with some capri pants and it's cute. She has black Vans. I would buy her boy clothes if she wanted them or if I need to. She has some boy clothes. She has a black shirt (toddler boys) that says no pictures please lol I thought it was cute and bought it. I'm not crazy about boy/girl clothes. My daughter can wear green dinosaur shirts and black race car shirts if she wants to :)

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answers from Washington DC on

YOur post made me laugh.
I have 4 kids. My oldest is a boy, then two girls and a boy. My sister has three boys and a girl. So you know what? My girls wore boy clothes, and the baby wore pink.
Whatever came back to me in the hand me down box is what they wore.

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answers from Kansas City on

I usually shopped at Carters for my girls. They have cute and warm clothes for little girls! I have bought boy clothes for my middle daughter, but she is a tom boy and likes all boy clothes! Luckily, when shopping for kindergarten clothes we found some cute GIRL clothes for her at Carters!

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answers from Eugene on

There is no such thing as boys and girls clothing. The shirts just button on one side for girls and the other for boys.
I absolutely hate dresses for little girls. It restricts their physical activity. In winter tights and dresses make no sense. I did not put my girls in dresses to go to school either.
You husband is living in the 1950's. Time he grew a long beard and greyed his hair to go with his old head.

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answers from San Diego on

Pair of jeans with a long sleeve shirt of some kind. I'll put leg warmers under the jeans if we're going to be out all day so when her pant legs pull up her legs stay warm and so she doesn't get really cold when I change her diaper and just for an extra layer of warmth if she needs it. I only put her in dresses if we're going to be inside most of the time. I make sure she has tights and I bring a pair of leg warmers again to layer over that and of course make sure it's long sleeve.
My daughter is my third, my first 2 are boys so she's got all sorts of hand me downs from them and we buy her boys t-shirts all the time because she likes those characters just like her brothers and her mom too ;) She always completely looks like a girl even when wearing something "boyish"

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answers from Chicago on

At that age my daughter loved dresses. She always chose them over pants so I bought more dresses. It's much colder here than it will ever be in Texas, and she survived in winter just fine. She wore leggings or tights under them during the winter. Lands End and LL Bean have wonderful knit dresses that wear well.

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answers from Seattle on

I always have a stack of warm knitted tights because both my girls love dresses - never found them to be restrictive if they are flowy. Have even put regular tights under knitted tights on cold days when they insisted on dresses! I've used my son's overalls on my youngest - just paired it up with a bright top & good to go! Also, I aways have some long johns available to put under pants, etc.. on cold days.

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answers from New York on

My sister dresses my nieces (will be 2) in leggings with romper-style dresses in the fall. She layers them with turtlenecks as the weather gets cooler. They love dresses and with leggings they can run around and be comfy.

If she's in daycare, ask them what they would prefer her to wear. I know that with my son, his provider asked that he not have overly complicated clothing so that diaper changes weren't difficult!

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answers from Portland on

Try looking on line for jean overalls. My granddaughter was given a pair that came from Old Navy many years ago.

You might be able to make boys overalls look more like girls by adding something to them. I can't think of the name of them but you could stitch on an embroidered flower on them; perhaps on a pocket.

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answers from Austin on

Dresses with leggings underneath. We live in Texas, too, so layer a sweater over the dress when outside in winter. Search ebay for Osh Kosh overalls cheap. Or add leggings or tights under a denim dress. You can find denim dresses this time of year. I like to dress my daughter in all cotton clothes, so long sleeve knit dresses and leggings are her first choice. My daughter does not like wearing jeans or pants too much.

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answers from Victoria on

Unfortunatly most clothes arent gender neutral. Our son has outgrown some pj's that i am ok with letting our daughter wear as they are not too boy looking. You can find some cute overalls at Academy that dont have a ton of cartoons or other things all over them.

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