Does Avent Breast Pump Conversion Kit Work for New Medela Free Style Pump

Updated on January 04, 2009
S.C. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I have tons of avent bottles and had an avent duo pump for my first child. But my avent pump has broken more than once and I am looking to buy a different brand. I am really looking at the new medela free style pump. Avent sells a breast pump conversion kit that works with most pumps. I have read comments from others that have bought it, and everyone loves it. The problem is most of the comments say that the conversion kit works with the medela pump in style. I don't want to buy anything that won't work. Please if anyone has any idea or a guess let me know.

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Yes, the Avent conversion kit works with the Freestyle! BTW--I found the best price for the Freestyle at (I got that tip from the Baby Bargains message board.)



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This is the only web site that i know of that offers a discount on Madela products.



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I don't know about the conversion set, but will say I love my Medela (it's a pump in style) and have only heard great things about all of their products. I bought mine new off of an ebay site - it was the cheapest I could find and it's been great, after 3 kids, and I've never had a problem. You could contact a lactation consultant at one of the hospitals - the Harris hospital consultants are fantastic and will help over the phone even if you don't deliver there. Good luck!



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I don't know about the conversion kit... but I do have 2 cents about pumps :-) I have had 3 friends that invested in the Medela pump in style and they all broke! I personally had an Ameda Purely Yours for 2 boys and loved it. Lots of my younger friends are renting the Medela from the hospital and then you don't have to worry if there are issues.

At around $300.00 a pump, I would hate for the thing to stop when you really needed it :-)

Good Luck!

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