Do Some Brands of Shoes Run Smaller??

Updated on September 27, 2012
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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I never take my kids shoe shopping.. I just go by myself and buy the next size up. Yesterday I bought my daughter a new pair of sketchers.. very cute.. I brought them home and she loved them and had to wear them immediately.. Today I noticed there is not much growing room in the toe of these shoes. Of course she has alre3ady worn them so I cant take them back for the next size..

Do sketchers run smallish?? I normally buy nikes.


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answers from San Diego on

I never, ever buy shoes without having my child's foot right there for this very reason. Some stores do run a little different here and there. Even from style to style can be different.

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answers from Portland on

We've found that Sketchers run more narrow than most other other brands. That would make a difference in how long her foot is in the shoe.

Sizes are close but not exact in different brands. Style also makes a difference in how the shoe fits.

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answers from St. Louis on

Sketchers do run small at about a whole size.

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answers from Austin on

It is probably the style.
We are finding adult shoes seem to be getting bigger.

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answers from Saginaw on

I have also found Sketchers to run a size smaller than what my children wear. I try to buy the next size bigger and have gotten burned too! Know of anyone that would like a "like new" pair of shoes! :)


answers from Detroit on

Yep! In my experience, Sketchers, Nike, and Puma children's shoes run small. I bet if you took them back and explained, they would let you exchange.


answers from Seattle on

We just bought my boys new shoes 3 days ago. My 7 year old was looking a at a pair of Sketchers and a pair of Adidas. THe sketchers were a size 3 and the Adidas are a size 4. We bought the Adidas.
My other son was trying on shoes that fit him from sizes 5-7 depending on the maker of the shoes.



answers from Oklahoma City on

It's one of those things. I would never buy a pair of shoes online or for anyone that was not there to try them on. What a risk that is.

For instance, my granddaughter wears a Walmart size 1. I can pretty much guarantee that if I walked over there right now and picked out any shoe there in a size 1 that it would fit.

BUT! her ballet shoes are, from revolution, are 3's. Her ballet shoes from Theatricals are 2's and her Capezio's are a 4. Her hip hop sneakers from last year are 4's. This year she can't get her foot in them but the size that fits is only a 4 1/5. They were bought new this year but the ones she has from last year the shoe that fits my granddaughter is a 5 1/2. The same factory made these shoes and they vary that much from year to year...these are professional dance shoes that are bought by the ballet companies and other professional dancers. They don't even have consistency.

So for regular shoes that get made all over the world??? Yes, they run differently from every place they are made. Each person that cuts out a shoe MUST have his own pattern, otherwise all the shoes from that particular factory could at least be uniform.



answers from Dallas on

Each different footwear manufacturer uses a different last that they build footwear on. Sometimes they use different lasts for different brands they make. So each shoe can fit a little different. You always need to try on shoes unless you are familiar with the sizing. And it is best to try on shoes late in the day after you have been on your feet for awhile. Kids grow so fast it is best to take them often. When my son was four, I took him to a local shoe store at night to be fitted properly and went home with a new pair of dress shoes for Sunday. Saturday morning he tried them on and had outgrown them! I took them back and they replaced them with the next size up (instead of a 1/2 size) to allow for growth.



answers from Detroit on

I am exactly like you. I buy the next size up and don't take my daughter with me. Just bought her new Sketchers last month, and when she tried them on, she thought they were a bit small. Since they were the next size up, I just assumed they would expand a little after wearing them, so I had her wear them. Same as you, we can't take them back now, but I'm assuming Sketchers must run a bit small. I guess we probably won't be wearing them for long.



answers from Portland on

Some brands do run smaller than others. I like the Keen website (I have wider feet); they actually list how true to size the shoe runs.

I've learned to always have my son and his feet nearby, unless I find a great deal at a resale shop in at least a next-larger size.



answers from Washington DC on

Yes, sketchers to run small. My dd has very small feet and narrow too. I have the worst time finding shoes that fit. Target shoes run big, sketchers run smaller or perhaps more true to size, stride rite runs small too. Other shoes seem to be rather large. I would try them on and see how it goes. I've even seen shoes vary by the same manufacturer. They're probably made in different plants - sometimes in different parts of the world.



answers from Charlotte on

Yes, they do, Lisa. And some are wider or narrower. I used to write myself notes which shoes to pass over the next time I went shopping, just because of this.

Hope you can take them back...


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