Do I Air Dry the Pillow Pets or Throw Them in the Dryer After Washing?

Updated on April 19, 2011
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
9 answers

I am going to wash the kids' Pillow Pets later today, but I am a bit conflicted if I should let them air dry and run the risk of ending up with a musky smell or put them in the dryer and take that chance. What did you do?

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answers from New York on

I have dry mine twice in the dryer, nothing happened, they were very puffy when I took them out, lol, but they went back on shape soon.
However they probably would last longer if you air drive and just put them a few minutes in the dryer after.

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answers from Joplin on

I let my kids air dry a bit then put them in the dryer to fluff them, I used a low heat setting. They came out fine...all of the sites say just to air dry. They also said to put the pet in a pillow case to wash, but I did not do that either, I did wash them in cold water.



answers from Kansas City on

I dry my son's in the dryer and they get big and fluffy again.



answers from New York on

The tag says machine wash cold gentle cycle. Do not bleach, let air dry



answers from Chicago on

thanks for asking this question. I needed to figure that out too:) I'm gonna throw ours in the dryer. I think it would get nasty inside if I let it air dry.



answers from Denver on

I've washed the pillow pets a bunch, and I put them in the dryer. It might depend on the humidity where you live, but I just didn't want to risk the musky smell, or worse- mold or mildew.

I will say that one of them is the dolphin, and that got a tiny hole after the 3rd drying. I think I'll follow the pillowcase suggestion, I'll bet if I had them in there while drying they'd do better. But- there are 3 other pets that have been washed probably 5 plus times and put in the dryer (with the rest of the laundry) and done just fine.



answers from San Francisco on

In the winter I dry them but in the spring/summer/fall it's usually nice enough to air dry or put in the sun for a bit. I haven't washed a Pillow pet though but they look like they'd hold up the same as a stuffed toy. I'd say be cautious if it is a treasured item and then adjust your washing strategy from there ;-)



answers from St. Louis on

I put them in the dryer - totally fine!


answers from Boston on

I wash them separately in cold water then lay them on top of the dryer while I'm doing other laundry. Once they are completely dry I do throw them in the dryer just to soften them a bit and fluff them back up. :)
Have you ladies ever used one? They are actually quite comfy. My little guy is still in our bed and I have ended up with his on a few occasions. :)

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