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Updated on April 19, 2013
M.M. asks from Plano, TX
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Good morning!
God Willing, i will be making a move from Plano TX to Savannah TX mid June. Verizon who i currently have and LOVE are not available in that area yet. Such a BUMMER! My only options at this point are AT&T or Direct TV. I have never used either and would like to hear ya'll that have either service. I currently have a bundle with Verizon that gives me cable (including movie channels HBO, Starz, Cinemax, etx) with two DVR's,home phone and internet service.
Thank you very much for any input. Have a good day!


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answers from Los Angeles on

We are really happy with DirecTV. The service is good and we haven't had any problems.

My only complaint is that they don't get the new Pac-12 Sports Networks, which shouldn't matter to you at all if you aren't a fan of a Pac-12 (college sports) team.

Hope the move goes well.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We have AT&T for internet and home phone, and Direct TV for satellite TV. Since we were not "new customers" we didn't get any of the perks. And since AT&T has poor to no cellular service at our house, we don't have a bundle either. So, price wise, it sucks for us.
However, AT&T's internet service is pretty reliable (their customer service just blows, though), and Direct TV is great reception-wise--- we almost never lose our signal. We live in a hurricane prone area and even in windy weather or rain, we still have good reception. When we had Dish the service blew out with every breeze and rain drop.



answers from Kansas City on

Loved AT&T U-Verse - Hate, Hate, Hate Direct TV!



answers from Washington DC on

I have Direct TV and I have HBO, Choice package and one HD/DVR and one HD Box and my bill, just for TV is $135 a month. We had Direct TV for the NFL football package. Now that my husband says he doesn't want it anymore, we are canceling Direct TV. When I was in Allen, TX, I had ATT for phone and internet and paid $80 a month. Direct TV use to have great customer service, but in the last year, I've been very disappointed with it.



answers from New York on

We had direct TV years ago (before Verizon came to the area). The only problem with the dish on the roof is that the TV and internet reception are problems in storms. Thunderstorms, heavy rain, high winds, etc. Those problems don't exist with Verizon since the fiberoptic cable connects to the house...


answers from St. Louis on

If it is Uverse AT&T offers then I would go with that. I had direct TV for two months. Every freaking storm, no TV! no thanks!



answers from Dallas on

I'm a 13 year veteran of Directv. I switched to ATT U-Verse a couple of months ago. I am saving $$ and I get to watch TV during thunderstorms now. The ONLY downside so far is that the HD doesn't seem as vivid. Seems like my picture is on the "milky" side. Could just be me, who knows.



answers from San Francisco on

We have AT&T Uverse for internet and phone and DirectTV for TV. I live in California and storms aren't really an issue where I am so I don't have issues with the DirectTV dish. I infrequently have a channel issue which usually resolves if I reboot the system and once in a while, I miss a recording (usually because I didn't realize that I needed to reboot the system). But that is generally rare and I have great success using my phone to remotely set up a recording, a feature that I wouldn't have thought I'd care about. I really like the whole home genie service they have. I have 2 DVRs and I can record all the kid shows on one DVR so that's all they see, but I can watch shows that I recorded on the other DVR from that room if I want after they go to bed.

If you check the DirectTV web page, they sometimes have specials for new customers, at least for the first year. Cost seems pricey for just about every cable/satellite company, but it really depends on what you want. If you want a lot of pay movie channels, it will cost you. I recently dropped some pay movie channels to get my price down as I found I wasn't really watching them.

As far as AT&T Uverse, we have had pretty good and consistent service for the internet. Every once in a while we have to reboot the router, but it seems like that is true for other services we have had. And I found we have had to do it less often than we did with our prior service (some local company).

But we do have phone issues. When they first set it up, there was some issue (can't recall what) and we called them out to fix it. However, when they fixed that, the noise on the phone line became terrible. We've just been too lazy to set up a time to call them out to fix it and we really don't use our home phone that much. So, just try out both the internet and the regular phone once it's installed before the person leaves (whether it's AT&T or someone else). Don't take their word for it.



answers from Raleigh on

I had Direct tv once. No problems with the actual service. But they were real pains when I wanted to upgrade my package to include HD. So I switched to DishNetwork. Super happy with Dish. And I found their pricing to be slightly better for the packages. If you do go with Direct Tv , make sure to get the monthly maintenance plan. We had issues with a crappy box from Direct Tv. Without the maintenance plan, we would have had to pay $70 a service call.
I have AT&T Uverse for internet. No complaints.
My mom has Uverse for TV and hates it. Granted, most of her issues were installation related and sketchy salesmen, so I think that tainted her whole experience to date.



answers from Dallas on

We've had AT&T U-Verse for almost 2 years and have not had any problems at all. I'd recommend them.



answers from Savannah on

We moved from CA to GA and went from verizon to directv. It took a little bit if time to get used to it, but now are satisfied! Going from fios to satelite does have some differences, like during thunder storms and heavy rain, but we still enjoy the service.

Something to look in to- I have family who lived in CA but not in a city that had fios yet. Verizon still did a bundle with them, and used verizon for everything except tv. They were bundled with directv. Maybe you will be able to have both!

No info on AT&T sorry!



answers from Dallas on

Yay Savannah! Cell service can be spotty out here especially during certain times of the day. I've heard there's boosters that help correct the problem. Haven't had any problems with satellite service. We are considering going the Internet tv route though, just to save money if possible.



answers from Sacramento on

I hate AT&T Uverse's internet service. Almost every single day we have down time. Yesterday I had no internet at all for most of the day. We are looking for another provider but it's such a hassle! I used to have my cell phone thru AT&T and I liked that, we used to have directv and that was good also, no outages except for heavy heavy rain periods. Hope whatever you pick works out well!


answers from Rockford on

We made the switch from Comcast (after 20 yrs) to At&T and DirectTV last April and are very happy with it...once in awhile, our internet will flicker off then right back on, and we have only had our satellite go out (for a short time) once or twice, and that was because of ice on the dish (husband went out and got it off) and a heavy windy storm!

Overall, happy w/ the service and much cheaper than what we were paying for Comcast.

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