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Updated on September 16, 2013
P.L. asks from Fairfax Station, VA
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DS's diapers way too smelly! Are the diaper genie's worth it? Or what do you recommend?

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So What Happened?

Thanks! We currently have a diaper champ, resprayed with lysol just now. Going to use grocery store bags & also stick the pail outside back door. Used to take out 3 times a week due to smell.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I used to bag the diaper in a plastic bag (bread bags work really well, or grocery bags), or take it outside right away. Diaper Genies are just too expensive and complicated.

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answers from Portland on

I think the best way to go is just take them out as they come and put them in the trash. If that's not possible, a garbage bucket outside directly on the porch or on a landing.... so much better.

I worked with many families who used the diaper genie-- costs a lot and sorry, but the smell when you do finally empty it?Gross.

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answers from New York on

Put in any bag, tie up and put in your garbage can that goes outside. Diaper pails are gross.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

To dispose of a used diaper I roll the diaper up, put it in a Walmart sack, twist the bag down to remove all the air, turn the bag inside out over an inch or so of the twisted area then tie it shut with the hand hold area's.

You can have a diaper like this in the house for a couple of days and not smell it since you basically removed the air then have double thickness of the sack over it.

Although, we did take the indoor trash out when it got full.

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answers from Phoenix on

I've tried a diaper pail with my first and didn't like it. I believe it was the Diaper Genie. There is still an odd smell left in the room. And I know friends that have tried them, and could smell theirs too. So with my other two and my step daughter, I always did the plastic grocery bag trick described below as well. It seems to cut down on the smell. But we do take our trash out pretty frequently.

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answers from Raleigh on

Even with a diaper pail, I always dumped the #2 in the toilet (when I could) before putting it in the pail. Just kept the smell down in general.

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answers from Chicago on

We have the diaper geenie.. I like it. Yes, the refils cost. But we leave ours for about a week at a time and it is fine. Not smelly.. I have a sensitive nose, and the pail is in our room since the diaper changes are done there.

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answers from Springfield on

We did just what Gamma G said. Place the diaper in a plastic grocery sack, twist the top, cover diaper with the remainder of the back, tie it up with the handles, place in garbage.

We didn't usually have a problem with the odor after that, though the garbage did get taken out close to once a day anyway.

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answers from Iowa City on

We love the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper pail. Just have to empty once a week and nooo smell. Refill the top baking soda dispenser with regular baking soda whenever it's empty - done!
When my girls were in NB/1 size all diapers for the week fit in, and 2+ just the poo diapers to make sure the whole weeks worth fit. Even if there was more room, we still took it out on trash day though.

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answers from Anchorage on

We had the genie, the refills get expensive and the fact of the matter is that any method you use the diapers have to be taken out at least once a day or you will have smell. Plastic bags (the ones they package your food in at walmart or wherever) and a garbage pail with a lid works just as well for way less money wasted on special refills.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had one and I thought it was still kind of gross to have dirty diapers sitting around for so long. I got rid of it and used to just put dirty diapers in a plastic bag from the grocery store. Then I would take out my trash to the big trash can daily.

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answers from San Diego on

I hated the diaper genie! We got it with our first because that was what they sold and what people swore by. Before you even put a diaper in it you have that nasty, stinky perfume they smother the plastic bag cartridge with. Add even one or two diapers and it just becomes so foul. We stuck with it though because we didn't have any better idea.
Fast forward to when I was pregnant with my second and my first was still in diapers.
I went upstairs for something. As I was reaching the top of the stairs the smell hit me like a ton of bricks and I almost threw up right there on the stairs. Considering the diaper genie was in the room down the hall. Yeah, it was that bad.
We used the Diaper Champ for a while. That was better because it used standard trash bags. But it still stunk pretty bad pretty fast.
We ended up buying a stainless steel trash can with a lid that you step on the pedal to open, using a regular trash bag. We bought a couple of those charcoal things you use on lidded cat boxes to put inside. You still have to empty it on a regular basis. But the idea of going outside with every single diaper change was not a better solution for us and putting them in the kitchen trash wasn't better either because they still just stink.

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answers from San Diego on

Based on reviews and other personal testimonials of my girlfriends, we went w/ the Diaper Dekor and loved it. Really holds the smells in and after you've gone through the diaper phase, you can use it like a regular trashcan (it doesn't necessarily look like a diaper pail).




answers from Baton Rouge on

Cloth diapers, rinse in the toilet when you change, use a diaper pail, wash every other day.


answers from Portland on


This is what I'll be using. I've never liked diaper genies.



answers from San Francisco on

I put some lysol in my diaper pail and rinsed the poopy diapers before putting them in the pail. As long as the lid was closed, I didn't have a problem with smell.

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