Daycare.. Is What Im Paying Low, Avg, or High?

Updated on February 24, 2007
B.U. asks from Burleson, TX
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Im curious as to how the rates im paying fair against what others are paying. I've yet to see anything under 100 for a child for a week of care. just the one child in daycare is 432 a month. The other 2 are in afterschool programs at 200/mo. for a total of 632 in childcare alone. This of course will raise come summer when i'll need full day care for all three. Is this the best there is as far as cost? Isn't there a program that helps with the costs? Im just trying to make my budget work... and brainstorming what i could do. Im just not sure if cheaper daycare even exists these days!! When my sisters kids were young she paid only 50 a week for both!! aaah the good ol' days eh?!

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Hi B. I am a stay at home mom living in South Fort Worth by Hulen Mall. I babysitt a couple of kids once a week, and I used to babysitt for 3 kids fulltime, but it got stressful. I see that you only have one child in daycare and I know it is expensive. I have worked in 2 daycares and the prices are horrible. If you are interested in bringing your child to a in home babysitter, I would love to help. I dont know where you live so I might be out of your way, but if you are interested just let me know. I do not charge as much as daycares. Since it would just be your one child, then I would base it on the days and hours that I would have him/her. Hope to hear from you. Thanks




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I worked in daycare for 3 years. It sounds like you are paying what we charged (4 years ago). I know it sounds horrible when you realize how much you are paying for the month. Anyway, there is a government program called CCMS (child care managment services) that helps with the cost of daycare. It works on a sliding scale, but I will warn you...when I was working at the daycare making less than $8/hr and my husband made $14/hr we made $1000 too much per month with just my husband's income. I don't know your situation and it is always better to try and know than to sit and wonder. I do know that once you get approved by CCMS, it is almost impossible to loose it. Good luck to you.



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From what I figured out you are paying $99.69 a week for your full time child. That is really a good deal. I have a home day care and I charge $135/wk.

As others have said, CCMS is a program to help you out with childcare. Good luck.



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I am a teacher at a local daycare, and I was wondering if you have concidered getting CCMS? To be honest it depends on how old your children are to determine if your paying to much. I personally know that the daycare I work for is the cheapest place Ive seen and it has the best quality of care.

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