I Need Advice About Getting a Job/what to Do About Childcare

Updated on August 10, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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I havn't worked outside the home for 3 years. I waited tables for 8 years before I had my 2nd child, then ran an in-home childcare for 2 years. For the last year I have been a stay at home mom only + cleaning houses 2 days a week. We are barely scraping by and would like to save for a new house and christmas. I was gung-ho about going back to waiting tables, but my hubby works from 10-7pm and that would mean that I would need to hire a sitter since I have no friends/family nearby that could keep the kids.
I am terrified of having a stranger watch my kids in my home! My husband and I both agree that we are too uncomfortable to do it.
So, I thought, well, we could put her in daycare and I could wait tables during the day. Well, waiting tables at lunch doesn't bring in the same $ and I'd have daycare to pay for. I just don't know what to do! I would much rather put her in daycare than have a sitter, but I won't make as much money. Please help me sort this out!

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Hey...you live not too far from Ft Worth. Have you seen if you were eligible for CCMS? All you have to do is work atleast 25 hours a week, and childcare would be free at a liscenced facility. My best friend's little girl (she's 4) is on it, and she goes to a really nice "preschool" as she calls it...here's the main website to get the phone number and address for them...


To be eligible for CCMS services, parent must meet participation guidelines:

● For single parent household, parent must be working, in school, or participating in job training a minimum of 30 hours per week

● If two adults in household, adults must participate in a combined total of 55 hours per week of work, education or training.

Families must also meet income guidelines to qualify for service Family Size Gross Monthly Income Less Than
2 $2,711
3 $3,349
4 $3,986
5 $4,624
6 $5,262
7 $5,382



answers from Pittsburgh on

OK, I have a few thoughts:
1. Find a place with a booming evening business, where you could work 8-12, 8-2, etc. That way dad is home and NO childcare costs.
2. Is there anyone from your past child care experience that might share child care duties with you? You could watch her kid(s) 2 daytime days per week and she would watch your a few evenings per week? Again--bartering so NO childcare costs.
3. What is your hubby's schedule on weekends? Could you work at a place 2 long shifts Sat & Sunday and maybe one short shift - a later evening per week after your hubs is home?
4. Who watches her when you're doing the housecleaning 2 days/week or is that the weekend?
5. Could you increase your housecleaning to a few more houses per week? Usually that is ca$h and maybe you could take her with you?
6. Can you work the night shift (11-7) at a place that's open 24 hrs?

I've never paid for daycare but my belief is that putting her in daycare for a job waiting tables just wouldn't be that profitable....good luck whatever you decide!


answers from Austin on

A lot of daycare centers offer significantly reduced daycare costs to anyone who works there... My sister went back to work as a daycare teacher and, I think her son got to attend the daycare for free. With your previous experience running a home daycare, it might be something that works for your situation.


answers from Dover on

I would suggest that you work evenings/nights (after your hubby is home) but the timing would not work well for you to wait tables. Would you consider working from home? I ask that because even with a sitter, if you are paying out most if not all of what you are brining home you would basically be working for nothing and have a lot to do once you get home.

If you would like some info on working from home, let me know. I could provide you with free information on one option.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you considered getting a job that would allow you to go to work after your husband is home with your children? That way one of you is always with the children and there would be no day care cost. Waitresses in clubs and restaurants open longer hours make great money and that would be something you could do after 7pm and then be home again before he leaves for work. Some stores are 24 hours as well, I have no idea what the pay is like but that could fit with having no daycare cost as well. Also consider hospitals, they run 24/7, working the night shift at a hospital can be great money, higher hourly rate because of the undesired shift. Also consider a barter system, there may be a local mom you know (especially having done home daycare) that would be willing to watch the kids for a fee that works for both of you. Or perhaps there is something that person may need that you could supply in exchange for payment. Just a few options, hope that helps. Good Luck



answers from Sarasota on

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What about some of the hourly playcare places? If you worked 5 - 12 your daughter would only be in daycare for 3 hours a day (4:30 - 7:30), it would be much more reasonable than a day time job with full time daycare. The place near us charges around $9/hr, but you can pre-pay hours and get a discount on the hourly rate.

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