Cysts or Warts Under the Bra Area

Updated on June 23, 2008
G.S. asks from Brazoria, TX
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Anyone have a suggestion about ridding one's self of this problem other than through a doctor? I've had to use a fungacid to control itching in this area, too (lotrimin, Mentax). I always thoroughly dry before dressing (using the hair dryer) but it still seems to be a problem. I figure the moisture that collects during the day contributes to the problem, and I don't know if they caused the growths, but I would sure like to get rid of them, preferably without going to a dermatologist (who wanted to only do one at a time).

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So What Happened?

Several of you have given some very good suggestions and I think I'm going to divide myself in half or into quarters and do a little science experiment! This may take some time, so stay tuned, and I'll get back to you... :>)

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My husband has a long term cyst that he finally went to a Dr. about. He learned that the only way to get rid of a cyst forever is for the lining of the cyst to be removed. Otherwise it keeps reforming. So to a Drematologist is the only thing I know to do.

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Not sure what to do about the warts or cysts, but I do know you can keep the area under the breasts dry during the day by using cornstartch. Try the baby cornstarch. It works really well and you smell fresh too.

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I do the same, dry off really well, but then I put deodorant/antipersperant up under my breasts to keep them dry during the day? It seems to work well and keeps me smelling fresh even when it is REALLY hot out here!!! Good luck



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I have been to a dermatologist and showed him lots of little things here and there. He removed everything that was potiontaly harmful and if it wasnt he asked me if i wanted it removed. Dr. Aimone in Victoria,Tx. Call and ask if they will do as much as they can in one visit due to babysitting situations.



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I've known folks that used Vitamin E oil. I think it has to be used on the warts for (roughly) three months. (Consistently). It might be worth a try. F.



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I think a combo of the vitamin e oil and duct tape would work fastest. I have also had success with wart creme. Or you can get an at-home/do-it-your-self wart freezing kit from Walgreens or the like. They all work, I only have one wart now, on my foot, I had many at one time, and on my hands as a child. All of these answers are for WARTS!!!!! I have no experience with cysts.



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I used duct tape on a wart and it is gone..... did it everynight for about three weeks, just completely cover the wart with the duct tape and it will start getting smaller in just a few days.



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I've had good luck with Blue Star Ointment for all kinds of skin problems, and my father swears by it. You can get it at Wal-Mart in the pharmacy section, and it's not that expensive. Since it's an ointment, you don't have to worry about the sweating...



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Essential Oils really are amazing. My family is a living testimony on how oils can help you in a safe and natural way.
Each 15 ml. bottle goes a long way. There are approximately 250 drops of oil in each bottle. It usually only take a couple of drops per application

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