Cute Things to Do at a "Care Bear" Party?

Updated on October 10, 2011
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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My daughter is turning 4 and really wants a Care Bear birthday party. I usually throw big themed parties but they aren't usually a character thing. We've done a pirtate party and did a big treasure hunt, hired clowns this past June for my 10 year old, etc. but I'm at a loss for a care bear party. She has about 15 stuffed care bears that I can use somehow and beyond that, I'm looking at cake and ice cream, lol. Help me come up with some creative/cute ideas? Her party will be on the 23rd of this month.

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answers from Dallas on

If you or someone you know can draw I would do pin the simble on the bear. Instead of pin the tail on the donky. Depending on the ages of the attendees you could.

There are a site I found

It looks like it has serveral ideas.
Good luck and God Bless!

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answers from Boston on

get a roll of white sticky paper and cut it into circles then have them design their own belly patch thing....

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answers from Dallas on

I think I've seen Care Bear sing along dvds. It would be fun to have all the kids sing and dance.
We had a Teddy Bear tea party once. I invited everyone to bring thier favorite teddy and we had a picnic in the yard. Everyone got to tell about thier teddys name and where they got them. You could have a care bear picnic or care bear tea party.



answers from Minneapolis on

My youngest son was into Care Bears years ago. There used to be a lot of Care Bears themed toys, books, games and puzzles. You could set up different play stations or area with some Care Bears toys? Will it be warm enough in Texas for some outdoor water play? We used to have a Care Bears water hopscotch. Maybe you could find some Care Bears things on ebay (if there's time) or online somewhere. What about a simple craft station where they each design their favorite Care Bear symbol and you attach it to their shirt so they can each be their favorite Bear for the party? I like the Care Bear pin the symbol on the Bear idea. I did a pin the tail on Clifford for a party once. For that character party, we had dog bone shaped sugar cookies and I finished the party with quiet time--reading a Clifford story aloud.



answers from Cleveland on

What they can do is make care bear masks.
I've got pregnancy brain, so my mind is blocked.



answers from Dallas on

Do all of her friends have Care Bears? If so, they can each bring theirs, and you can have a Care Bear tea party with pretty table cloths and fancy kid hor d orvs (forgive my spelling).

You could have sherbert punch in a punch bowl, or warm peppermint tea in a tea service.

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