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Updated on June 28, 2011
J.H. asks from Porter, TX
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How do I wash my crib bumpers? They are pretty stiff & not sure how they'll handle the washing machine (or how the washing machine will handle them).

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answers from Kansas City on

I just throw them in. I haven't had any trouble, but I've only washed mine a handful of times. They are fairly bulky so I don't usually put in much else with them but they haven't fallen apart. They do get a bit fluffier though.

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answers from Victoria on

our crib bumper was home made and i washed it in the machine! they did fine. if your really worried about them they would fit in the tub and you could hand wash them like that? good luck. hope the washing machine works for you.



answers from Austin on

Mine is from Target and I just throw in in the washer with more water than the load needs (to keep it moving easily) and on a delicate cycle. I've never had a problem. :) It's also been fine in the dryer on a med heat cycle.



answers from Houston on

Well, I can think of two alternatives;
You could talk them to a laundromat where they have commercial size machines, larger than residential. The bumpers would have more room to move. Just set the machine on gentle cycle. A dryer should be low heat.
The other thing you might try is to wash them in the bathtub. In a clean tub, fill with cool water and your detergent, and wash by pressing up and down, squishing the bumpers. Drain the tub and refill one or two times to rinse, squishing as before. Hang them in the shower or outside to drip dry.
Hope these ideas help.

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