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Updated on May 29, 2010
M.C. asks from Holmen, WI
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I recently became an Avon Representative. I'm having trouble finding customers. Besides actually going door to door, what other ways have other Avon reps been successful? I leave my catalogs at various places. I "advertise" on my facebook account. I put an ad on Craigslist. What other ways are there? No one seems to want to buy any products. I'm getting really frustrated and I'm wondering if maybe it's not working out. Any suggestions?

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answers from Green Bay on

A home business is such a great thing - especially for tax writeoffs!

Does Avon have a support system? Do you have a mentor? Website with helpful information? Weekly phone calls or webinars? If so, I would recommend you get on those at least once a week. It helps you stay focused, motivated, and gives new ideas.

Best wishes!


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answers from Minneapolis on

Hello M.,

Congratulations for opening your home-based business. I am a Mary Kay consultant and I have found great support by taking advantage of all that the Mary Kay company has offered me in training. A very large business college took a look at what Mary Kay has to offer and said that Mary Kay's training is equivalent to that of a two year degree. My recruiter and directors have been awesome in helping me get my business going. Here is one suggestion for you:

1. Contact your recruiter (if she isn't answering your questions, she is falling down on the job) and ask her to help you find a craft or business show to be a part of...sell your product on the spot, but then have a special
drawing for any who would like to receive the gift basket you have displayed. This is a great way to get names.

If you need more help being successful, contact me:




answers from Minneapolis on

I also work in direct sales with Allura Designs and prior to that with a home decor company for over 10 years. These both marketed more as a party plan which is slightly different than Avon, however what works for one typically works for another.
1) You have to watch for opportunities to market yourself. Conversation at a store and offer catalog and gift with purchase, bulletin boards, Ask local businesses if you can place catalogs at their store (such as workout centers, doc offices, mechanic, bank, etc.
2) Have a booth/table at craft/vender show. Be sure to have a sign up slip for gift to get contacts and/or product to sell. Watch your local paper for upcoming craft show, check craigslist (many promotors will post craft shows here). I also use as a resource to find an event to attend.
3) Does Avon have a "hostess" plan to encourage home parties? I find it easier to sell and receive leads though home parties (not sure if Avon offers this or not)
4) Check with your local group for help and support. Does Avon offer training/support on their website? Also check for a local DSWA chapter for support.
5) Become involved with local chamber and/or womens groups in order to network. Remember your are a business owner and therefore need to market yourself.

Best of luck with your business and please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help further.



answers from Dallas on

it takes time alsotry to offer a free gift with a purchase over 20.00 i am not avon representatives but i sell herbalife i often give gifts with purchase over 25.00 think something small and add 1 sample to order



answers from Iowa City on

I have a friend who sells Avon and she's had success with having a booth at our local county fair, she's done a table at a local garden center and mall "women's day out" events. She did a presentation to our local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group, and she's very friendly and outgoing so it tends to come up in conversation. She's not pushy about it, but you do have to really put yourself out there for it to work. Good luck!!



answers from Sioux City on

Try inviting (in advance) a few friends over for a coffee clatch some morning. Have your samples and any demos sitting out. Do this at the beginning of a new campaign and don't forget to have brochures handy. It might start out slow but in 2 weeks invite a few more plus anyone that was interested before. You can use this time to deliver any orders from before too. You can have them take a brochure to share with others. Just remember that this is a job so you have to be willing to spend time doing it. You can only get as much out of it as you are willing to put into it. Good Luck.



answers from Norfolk on

Im also a rep and think you have ALL the right ideas it just takes time. Take every chance you have to bring up avon to whom ever you can. Always have samples and i always like when you smell someones perfume in the grocery store line and make a comment...Oh that kinda smells like avon is it? Then you have an opening and hopefully a sample to give to. Also I LOVE avons fashions and wear it everywhere and have had lots of people ask where I got it from. Try that! GOOD LUCK to ya!



answers from Bismarck on

Hi, I see you are from Wisconsin, I sell Avon in North Dakota. This is my 3rd time of selling and have been doing it for 11 years this time. Avon has on their website a chat room forum that you can go into. Have you tried that?? Just click on community on the top of the Avon website page and then when that opens, click on Bulletin Boards and you will find a chat room with all kinds of subjects that pertain to selling Avon. Do you have your own Avon web site? I have one but it does cost $7.50 per campaign. I find that altho I do go door to door (I live in a small rural community) I also line up friends to meet in the cafe and I do group selling there and I do buy demos and show them. Your district manager is supposed to help you do an open house and may furnish samples etc for you to pass out. I work in the Avon office as administrative assistant and I know that is what our manager does to help the new girls get going. I hope you are aware of the scams out there from people overseas (Nigeria and now England) that contact you and want to buy products and they always want to purchase tremendous amounts of a men's fragrance and also a women's fragrance. Of course they will send you a money order, credit card or cashier's check and later you will find their payment is fraudulent so please don't fall for that! I do buy samples and pass out and also when you pass out your brochures get the names of the people so you can call them to see what they would like to order. If you call 10 of them back you may get 3-5 orders and of course always ask them to show the brochure to their friends and then if you get an order from their friend, give the person a little gift (.99 hand cream or lip balm) for referring you. If you can e mail me directly and we can visit some address is [email protected] Hope I was of some help. S.



answers from Minneapolis on

HI M..
You are a part of a MLM organization. It is a successful one.
You probably can go to meetings and get these questions addressed or through the person who is above you and working with you or perhaps they are not??
I too work in a MLM as a side business as a wellness coach with Herbalife. They teach statistics like if you talk with 40 people, 10 will want info and 2 will say yes on average. It's all about the averages. So -- when someone says no thank you, have a positive attitude that you'll be closer to someone who will say YES- I'd love to use Avon.
When I was new to Herbalife, and I asked some of those same questions, my mentors would say-- talk to more people.
Some of the things I do that are free are chat rooms and car signs.
Many methods of operation involve an investment of capital before you see results. So- if you can't do that, then just have patience and it will happen over time.
Continued success!!

About me: 49 yo perfusionist, wellness coach also doing a nationwide online biggest loser for $ at, wife and mom to 2 awesome 8 yo fraternal twin girls.

B. J



answers from Milwaukee on

I lost my hind end trying to sell Avon. Avon is actually a huge enterprise in Brazil, but not as popular in the U.S.

I would go on Craigslist and try to find people selling other products as well. Then, rent an inexpensive hall and have an open house. I've seen it done in Milwaukee.

Best of luck to you!



answers from Minneapolis on

Find some local women's networking groups in your area and develop relationships with the members. I attend events as well as run my own networking group. Remember that it's not about "selling" to the networking members, but developing relationships that may lead to referrals in the future. They can also offer worlds of advice with any of your questions.



answers from Pittsburgh on

First let me say that I'm not an Avon rep, but I've seen people distributing catalogs outside of grocery stores. Nail salons, tanning salons, clothing shops, anywhere women go would be great places to leave your cards, catalogs, etc. What about Curves, or another women's fitness place? Maybe they could piggyback a promotion with you.....donate a small gift basket or gift certificate as one of their raffle prizes and you can get your name to all of their members.

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