Creative Birthday Decoration Ideas

Updated on December 28, 2014
S.H. asks from Marion, OH
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My son will be turning 7 years old on January 17th. Every year he picks a theme for his birthday party, and I do my best to bring that theme to life for him. I like to make the majority of the decorations myself, and for the past 6 years he has picked some pretty easy themes to build off of. We have done Dinosaurs, Batman, Go, Diego Go, Ninja Turtles, Disney's Cars, and Winnie The Pooh. This year he has chosen The Avengers. I am stumped on ideas this year for homemade decoration. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to all ideas. Thanks!

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answers from New York on

My first thought is that each the super heros has their own insigni, correct? So some cardboard and some paint and I see Captain America Shields all around...most party stores have inexpensive (dollar store even maybe?) Thor type hammers these days, throw some of them about, some Iron Man face masks they can run around in, ya know interactive decorations as a soft layer over the matching colored ballons and table clothes & accesories. Ya know? Pinterest will have TONS of ideas & you can google templates for probably all that stuff on the net. Cardboard seems like it would stand up for a nights party full of fun and battle, to me anyway?

Happy Birthday to your Lil' Man.

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answers from Danville on

My kiddos are all 18 and older, but in this day and age I would check out pinterest. They have some truly amazing and creative ideas. You might even just try a 'google'.

Back in 'my' day with the kiddos, the internet was not nearly as wonderful as it is today!

Happy bday to your nearly 7 year old!

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answers from Washington DC on

Pinterest has good ideas, but you might also turn frisbees into shields, make a pin the hammer on the Thor game, etc. A friend of mine is really good at distilling the colors and general feel of a theme into party fun and what she often does is make a birthday banner that reflect the colors (kind of like what Disney does for the different shows) and shapes of the thing. So the I in birthday might become one of the characters and the rest are blue, white, green... You could make or buy shield forms and capes for each kid. Which Avenger is his favorite? I would start there. has some particularly cute ideas.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Invite the kids to dress up as their favorite Avenger. This age is pretty much the last time a theme's going to work and they're almost too old to dress up. But they might have fun with it this last time.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Make shields
Foam swords
Make capes for each child
Foam sledge hammer
Decorate your walls w/a city skyline you make from either poster board
or butcher paper you've spray painted black. Then you make the poster
board look like a skyline by drawing squares you paint yellow or use
yellow contruction paper to look like city windows.
Make a few placemats look like comic books (make yourself)
Put up little placard cut outs on the wall. I found mine at a particular Dollar
store but you can find them at the big "party stores".
Use the colors for the streamers/balloons (mainly red, blue, white & green



answers from Detroit on

Sounds like fun! I would just go the superhero route. If you make capes I would recommend fleece. I made some super cute ones from a Pinterest template with recommended felt-and found them much too stiff. I would precut the capes to your 7 year olds size and then have different decorations for the kids to apply (I used felt letters and little stars).
I found some cute ideas on buzzfeed. It won't let me paste a link. A cardboard refrigerator box decorated like a telephone booth changing station. And some cardboard box skyline decorations. What's would be the cats meow is if you could figure out a green screen or some other trick to take pics of each kid in their cape flying. The article I read used a blue sheet with cardboard buildings, but if you could figure out a more realistic looking pic-that would be a keeper! And would be the take home goody!

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