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Updated on March 02, 2013
K.H. asks from Tempe, AZ
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My daughter is turning 3 in April and we're doing a safari animal theme (she loves all things animal related). I found this awesome seller on Etsy who creates a PDF of party invites and decorations and then sells them for $15. All you have to do is print everything out. I am thinking of ideas for goodie bags right now that go along with the theme. I know lots of people hate goodie bags because it's mostly junk and I agree. However, I like coming up with different kinds of goodie bags that people can actually use. Last year I made a CD of all our favorite kids music that we jam out to in the car and everyone loved it. This year I was thinking of putting a make your own sock puppet in each bag ( animal themed, of course). Do you think it's more cost effective to buy a kit and then divide the materials up between bags (we're not talking tons of kids here... Maybe 5 or 6 at the most), or is it better to buy the materials piecemeal ( a few pairs of socks, some buttons, puffy balls, etc)? I think I might even have a lot of those things on hand except the socks. If you were to do your own instead of a kit, where would you buy animal themed socks? What materials would you include in each kit?

I'm not totally wedded to the sock puppet thing either if you have any suggestions for something else. Thanks so much!

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answers from Chicago on

I think unless your going to make these puppets at the party they will end up in a landfill.

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answers from Kansas City on

Adorable! You can order some safari type hats from Oriental Trading Co. You can have the kids decorate them with markers, stickers, etc. You can write their names on them in paint pen, etc. Giant magnifying glasses would be a cute safari thing too.

I like the idea of the sock puppet but I think you should do that at the party as a craft and then the kids can take them home as their treat. Animal themed socks are a cute idea. If you have a bunch of stuff already then just supplement with other piecemeal things.

Also the game Elefun is really cute and would be a good game for kids that age. It goes with a safari type theme and could maybe be a gift for your daughter if you don't have that game already.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would think buying the materials separately would be cheaper.
I'd google "animal print socks" and order online--it would save a lot of legwork of looking around at local stores.
And the .pdf file stuff you're buying? You could totally do that yourself if you've got a page layout/publishing program.
Really cute idea!!!



answers from Austin on

Rather than just putting the supplies in the goody bag, why not have that be an activity AT the party?

I'm assuming that some parents will be at the party... they can help the children assemble their sock puppets, and man the glue guns.



answers from Los Angeles on

I think it's cheaper to buy each thing separately.

For example, a little bag of puffy balls at the Dollar Store etc.

(And maybe put in a little note that when they are done w/this cute craft
to donate it to Goodwill or a children's day care center.)


answers from Phoenix on

i love your sock puppet idea ! just go with it , sounds cute !

Oriental trading has blow up animals . When my daughter was 5 we had a huge animal party too........had a elephant cake, it was so adorable. And the touch of the blow ups all over was adorable and had the fake leaves everywhere from the dollar store. It was so fun.

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