Craft and Game Idea for 5Th Graders Winter Party.

Updated on January 06, 2009
K.U. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
6 answers

My son's school is having a winter party the end of January. It is not holiday related. I needs to easy (for me) crafts and games to do at the party. Any Ideas??

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the great ideas. I will let you know how the party goes. (it is not until the end of the month.)

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I remember one year we had some really bad weather and school was delayed by a couple hours. Even when the kids did show up for school, so many parents decided to keep their children at home. I sent my child. (I had to work!) Anyhow the teachers made the day so great for the kids who showed up. I think there was like 9 kids. The teachers put down some blue paper on the floor which represented a frozen pond. They divided the children onto either sides of the pond and gave them snowballs(balled up paper). The kids had a blast having an indoor snowball fight. Nobody got hurt, wet, or cold. And......they didn't have to get dressed up in all that snow gear! Have fun!



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check out oriental trading company for some craft ideas. they sell packs that make 12-24 crafts per "unit" and they are pretty cheap. my friend is a teacher and she uses them for almost all of her craft projects for her students. happy party!



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bowling bean bag toss, basketball toss baseball toss dance competitions 3 leg race



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I saw a cute one where you take popsicle sticks and make a cross then an x so there are eight points, then decorate them like a snowflake. you can paint them and put glitter or foam shapes on them. really easy.



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You could do a relay race with spoons holding snowballs (styrofoam balls from the craft store).



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Hi K.,

I am a homeroom mom for my daughters 5th grade class. I found a ton of fun games for the holiday party that the kids seemed to enjoy at the following web address.

Have fun.

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