Cough Remedy for My 4 Year Old

Updated on May 02, 2010
S.M. asks from Porter Ranch, CA
7 answers

My daughter has severe cough. i rubbed vicks under her feet. but it is pretty bad. any other remedy?

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answers from Denver on

Delsym is what I use with my kids, it works really well and you can do the warm liquids and humidifier and whatever else you want but I have had great success with the delsym but we only use it at night to help our kids sleep then we will do mucinex during the day to help loosen it up and get them to cough it out. The time frames fit perfectly that they don't inter lap.

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answers from Portland on

A severe cough is worth getting checked out by a doctor. My 4yo grandson had a cough for a few weeks that was gradually becoming nastier. He wasn't feeling sick, and mostly coughing at night or after hard play. He finally went to the ped, who diagnosed PNEUMONIA and put him on a strong antibiotic. And he was probably contagious during that time,

Be aware that recent studies show that VICKS can actually INCREASE CONGESTION in some children. I can't bear to have the stuff around, myself – it makes me wheeze and get a headache.

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answers from Minneapolis on

If it is a dry cough, try a homeopathic cough syrup. Most drug stores or even a store that sells organic and natural foods and products would carry this and other natural cold and flu remedies.

If she is particularly stuffy or has a runny nose, this can make a cough worse. Run a humidifier to get moisture in the air...this will help loosen the mucus so she can cough it up and get better.

Hot teas, soups, liquids also help with cough.

Using a saline solution in the nose with a suction bulb can clear her sinuses as well, cutting down on coughing.

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answers from Boston on

If it's a dry cough, you can try giving her a tablespoon of straight honey. It will help soothe and coat her throat. If it's a wet cough from post-nasal drip, you can try benadryl or claritin to see if drying her out helps (it works well for my son). If the cough is really bad, I'd take her in to the doctor to have her get checked out. Hope she feels better!

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answers from Chicago on

Delsym is pretty good stuff for controlling the cough if it is a lot...

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I second the honey and the humidifier. I actually had a doctor recomend honey for one of my kids. I believe it was a tsp 3 times a day.

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answers from Chicago on

Definitely honey! But make sure it's organic, raw honey. It's a delicious remedy that works wonders!

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