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Updated on September 07, 2011
S.D. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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Does anyone have experience with cord blood banking? I don't personally know anyone who has participated in this but I am planning to do so. I have researched many companies on the net but would like to hear from someone with personal perspective. I have a relative with a condition that may benefit from this process so I am mainly considering private companies. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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answers from New York on

Hi ! I work for A. Registry, a cord blood bank. Please look out for our upcoming Cord Advantage product launch that saves many more stem cells as compared to cord blood banking alone. Also, we have better pricing than most of our competitors.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Only because you have a relative with a condition do I offer this. RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH. and I would defently try to go with a local bank.this way it is easer to keep track was 3 yaers ago when I was looking into it for myself and maybe it was still to new but every time I talked to a doctor about it they had no clue as to what I was talking about. I called hospitals to see if they knew of any local banks or anyone I could talk to and what I found out is this... you call the core blood ficality they send you a packet that you take to your doctor which then reads how to store and send out the tisue sample and then you pay a proccessing fee and huge monthly storege fee.they want you to look at it like a life policy but do keep in mind if your looking at useing this for your relative then try talking to there spicalest/doctor and see what they think and how it might be able to help out I'm not sure but the core blood might only be able to help out the baby and parents of the child. I am in no way saying not to do this because I was going too because the father of my son know verry little of his family back ground and you just never know, but in the end there where just too many questions and not enough answers. and to much $$$ at stake for me.
hope this helps, good luck and congratulations



answers from Austin on

Hi Sherri,
The oldest cord blood bank in the country is Cord Blood Registry. Last week I was invited to a talk by the first scientist to ever bank cord blood. Hi son's blood was the first to be frozen. His presentation was powerful and informative. The applications for cord blood are growing annually and the reaearch that he showed us was compelling.

This organization also does do philanthropic work (they donate their services to families in need.) They are the leaders in the field. I would choose them because they are truly working on the research to help families with health issues.

Yearly there are new advances in what cord blood can be used for. Their web site is
Please do your own reasearch and ask as many questions as you need to feel good about your choice. They will be helpful.
Good luck,
R. George,
Doula and Mother of Ben (almost 17!) and Daniel(almost 13!)

PS Their collection and storage method yeilds the most blood banked. ***Also ask for the collection kit with the bags- they also yield more blood- the nurses like them better than the other type.



answers from San Antonio on

I used family cord blood services
for my baby's birth in May 2007 and like it. It is expensive. Their big competitor, Cord Blood registry was very aggressive in their marketing.



answers from Corpus Christi on

I looked into it before my children were born. We decided not to do it because it was too difficult to find a company in the area. I've read a few articles recently though that suggest donating to a public bank instead of a private storage company. The reason is that there is pretty high chance that it will not be viable if stored for any period of time. If your relative may be able to use it, then I would check with their doctors personally. That way they can have access to it and could probably direct you where to send it. No since letting it go to waste when it might help someone. Good luck.

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