Conventional Soy or Cow's Milk?

Updated on January 24, 2011
S.L. asks from Chestertown, MD
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This morning on my way to work I stopped by our local grocer to get a small container of milk to put in my coffee each morning at work. I usually get organic half and half, but they were out today. So my choices were conventional half and half or Silk soy milk. Typically I only buy organic (or at least non-hormone treated) cow's milk and organic soy milk, because soy beans are so highly sprayed. My question to you is which do you think is better? I ended up going for the vanilla soy milk, but I was just curious what other mom's would choose.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the input, it's interesting to hear other people's points of view. I personally, as a scientist, have read the primary data and don't believe that soy in moderation is at all harmful. I do, however, refuse to give my son milk from cow's treated with a rBGH. I typically agree about the added sugar in soy milk, but since I usually add sugar to my coffee, I just don't have to with the vanilla soy milk.

Just to clarify, I wasn't asking about what milk you use on a daily basis, I was asking if in a pinch you only have these two options which do you think is better. We do soy (organic) in moderation at home, but mostly my son drinks almond milk.

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answers from Columbus on

I would go for cow's milk. The soy tends to have a higher sugar (added to make it tastier), usually.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Because of the whole hoopla over soy I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole so there is no doubt I would have taken any form of cow's milk and left the store if they only had soy.

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answers from Biloxi on

Just to confuse things more :)

I do not drink cow's milk
I only drink unsweetened soy milk
I use half and half in my coffee
I only drink decaf coffee

I confuse myself sometimes.

MMMM, now I want more coffeee!

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answers from Detroit on

I'd pick what you did. It's funny how people talk about soy as if it is the worst thing in the world. Too much of anything is not good. Too much soy is just as bad as too much cows milk. In moderation... most things are just fine :-) The fact that you used soy instead of milk this time around is not going to hurt you in the least. I think changing it up is a good thing. We switch between soy milk, rice milk, almond milk (and my daughter and I will also drink fat free cows milk). I prefer the taste of almond milk the most, but they are all good! And I agree with the organic... if I get cow's milk, I always get organic... I swear it tastes better to me :-)

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answers from Augusta on

Most cows milk these days is hormone free.
Even the store brands for walmart and kroger are.
The only people that should be eating or drinking soy anything are women going through menopause because of its natural high estrogen content.

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answers from Tampa on

Cows milk-like the other responder said-most are now free of the growth hormones and I am sorry but too much soy is controversial and its not as good for you as you think-

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answers from Cincinnati on

Between cow milk and soy milk, cow milk most definitely. Not because it's better, but because I don't like soy. Although lately our household has been drinking more almond milk.

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answers from Chicago on

I'd probably go with the regular milk as I would wonder what was being used to flavor the vanilla soy milk. If it were vanilla beans or extract, fine but if it were sugar or artificial ingredients then nope.



answers from Los Angeles on

What about almond milk?



answers from Philadelphia on

I get soy milk from time to time, but I don't drink much. There is no problem with the soy. The idea is to have a little bit and not drink it or eat it as one would eat dairy products (by that I mean often and too much of it). It also depends on the individual. If one is prone to breast cancer, then she/he should avoid it. Otherwise, it is fine. Also, see where the soy is coming from. I try to buy everything organic or at least natural (if organic is not available). Even with organic, see where it's coming from. Regulations are not the same for every contry.



answers from Cincinnati on

Great Question. you got me thinking because I really never THOUGHT about it but after disecting each of them down, I would then that the Soy is better for your body...digests easier and is far less processed than cows milk. I on the other hand do drink cows milk because I prefer the taste over soy, hubby drinks the soy because of lactose reasons



answers from Las Vegas on

Actually, I'm really into this coconut milk hazelnut coffee creamer that is put out by So Delicious now days. Very yummy. Can I choose that as a third option? If not, I'd go for soy.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't like what I'm hearing about soy - especially for boys, apparently the phytoestrogens can mess w/their hormones when they have soy often. I'm also not a fan of cow's milk, although we do eat organic cheeses.

Goat's milk was my first choice as it is higher in the fat and protein they need, but it's super expensive and not particularly easy to find.

For my 14 mo old, I opted for almond milk after looking into soy, rice and oat. It is fortified with just as much calcium and vit D as regular milk (the others weren't) and is slightly lower in sugar. Because the others are so highly processed, they have very little in them except for sugar and water =/

I was concerned about the lack of fat and protein, so I just be sure to include it in DS's diet in other ways. We do organic yogurt and cheese, nut butters and complete proteins like quinoa. He also has oatmeal everyday with brewer's yeast, so that supplies even more iron, zinc and selenium.

I really agonized over this, esp after nursing over a year, everything else really seems like such a poor and incomplete substitute after breastmilk. I feel ok going the route we are now, but I'm also open to what other mom's are doing.

Good luck!

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