Considering Move to Olathe/Kansas City from Dallas Texas

Updated on July 06, 2010
T.L. asks from Argyle, TX
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My husband and I are considering moving our family from FLower Mound area to Olathe area this year. My family is here and his family is in Iowa. It is a perfect half way point between the two (about 7 hours either way) We have drivin threw Overland Park several times and everytime I am impressed. It seems similar to the hussell and bussell I am used to here. Moms, can you recommened an area to look at when we come for a visit later this summer? From the realtor websites we really like the neighborhood just north of Heritage Park such as the Reserve at Heritage Park. Homes down here in Texas are all brick, we dont have basements, and the styles seem completely different so its hard for me to know what the norm for up there.
My musts are;
great schools rated 8-10
neighborhood activity such as parks n pool
10 minute drive to good grocery and shopping (perferably with a StarBucks near by)
Thanks moms for all your help.

Also if you know a Point of Purchase Display and Fixtures company thats hiring Account Executives that would be a bonus!

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answers from Kansas City on

Yeah! Come to Kansas! I'm partial to Overland Park as well because I have been here for the last 15 years. Love it.

Blue Valley schools are among the best in the nation. Three out of the four high schools made Newsweeks top high school list.

Hop on to look at houses. Take a look at these zip codes: 66224, 66223 and 66209 to get you started.

We have fabulous shopping along the 119th street and 135th street corridors and a Starbucks on almost every corner! The parks and rec departments offer soccer, gymnastics, swimming lessons, you name it.

It's a great place to raise a family. Good luck with your move and welcome!

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answers from Kansas City on

The particular neighborhood you mentioned is pretty nice and is really close to Overland Park. Your home will have better resale value in Overland Park. I live in O.P. but grew up in Olathe, & O.P., imo is much better. Olathe has a not so nice area(getting quite a bit of rift raft moving in) where as O.P. has an old downtown, but is still kept up pretty well.

There still are decent areas in Olathe, like one poster said, definately stay east(as far as you can) of I-35!

You can tell a lot about an area, by how many pay day advance places are going in, lol! :)

Have fun searching!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I live in Olathe, and I would reccommend neighborhoods east of I-35. We are in the Olathe North High School area, and are trying to move away from that school. I know that Olathe East is a great school and there are some really nice neighborhoods around there. My cousin lives in a great neighborhood at about 133rd and Blackbob which is really close to shopping and stuff. Best of luck to you and your family!

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answers from Kansas City on

I definitely recommend South Overland Park. Blue Valley schools have the highest math and reading scores. Well above average and the highest out of the metro school districts. I lived in the Hampton Place neighborhood at 159th and Nall in high school. They have a great neighborhood association and one of the best pools in the area. Lots of kids of all ages. We're still in the area and don't plan to leave. Overland Park is a great place to raise a family and I think you would be really happy here!

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answers from Kansas City on

I would add to the votes for Overland Park and Blue Valley school district. Olathe is getting better, but there are definitely still some areas that aren't so great. The BV district is one of the best in the country. I grew up in OP and now live in Lenexa in the Shawnee Mission school district which is also very good. I think you'll be really happy in our 'burbs!

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm not sure of those specific neighborhoods but both Olathe and Overland Park are great places to live. I'm partial to OP, mostly b/c I've lived here my whole life, but I also think it's just a tad closer to the rest of the city. The metro area is so spread out that really there is a ton of stuff to do everywhere, but I think living in OP gives us a better handle on getting to all parts of the city in 20 minutes or less. Olathe is a pretty booming area right now so it shouldn't be hard to find close grocery stores, Starbuck's, etc. Both cities have great schools and great pools and parks. The one thing I will say however, is that a lot of places in Olathe don't have any trees! ;) So many new houses are being built that many lots don't have a lot of shade, that may or may not matter to you! I'd say that when you come in town to look, pick some areas in both cities to see what you like the best!

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