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Updated on January 23, 2015
M.G. asks from Olathe, KS
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My boys will be attending San Isabel Boy Scout Ranch in Colorado in July. My husband and I are talking about basically following them and taking our vacation nearby. It looks like the nearest larger city is Pueblo. We would probably stay somewhat near the camp and go visit the boys a couple of days but I'd like some ideas of things to do in the area or places to stay. We live in the Kansas City area so we'll be coming from the East. I love the mountains and scenic views would be great for me, my husband would probably be happier with something a little more exciting to do.

Thanks for any ideas you have.


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So What Happened?

Wild Woman, Good Thought. I do plan to check with the camp to see if they allow visitors. My husband and I are both on the Troop Committee so we should be OK, but we'd bring our training documents just to be sure!!

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First - check with the Boy Scout camp to see if you are allowed to go there while your boys are there. Why? Because of the issues with background checks, etc. you may not have one and therefore may not be allowed to go to the camp.

Why not look into a Dude Ranch in the Pueblo area or even the Colorado Springs area??

You might have the best of both worlds for your getaway...

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Colorado Springs is about 45 minutes north of Pueblo, I would definitely do that, tons to do there. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, Cave of the Winds, Broadmoor Hotel, Pikes Peak, Olympic Training Center. Tons to do. And as someone else said, Canon City is where you'll find the Royal Gorge, you can just see it or cross it, or you can raft the river underneath it or take a train ride through.

An hour or so west of Pueblo (a little southwest, really) are the Great Sand Dunes. There's also an alligator farm (or there was) that way, near Alamosa.

Have a great trip!

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The camp is within 2 hours of numerous wonderful places. Scenery, there is no end, hiking trails galore. Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, offers unlimited opportunities and are near Pikes Peak. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, (too bad the boys wouldn't be with you for that), Garden of the Gods, Dude Ranches many in Colorado, camping areas, jeep trails for the more adventurous. Some places you can "pan for gold" in mining areas, train rides. Black Canyon of the Gunnison, areas around Salida are so beautiful. Fishing, white water rafting.
There is no lack of things to do in Colorado.

On the way, Abilene, Kansas has Eisenhower Museum and Library.
Have a great trip, I am so envious, it has been years and years since I have been to Colorado, but have been pretty much all over the state.
Canon City has the Royal Gorge.

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Okay, I just have to ask...why not go the last 2 days and take vacation "with" them? On the way back home? Go to Pikes Peak, Cave of The Winds, Garden of The Gods, Royal Gorge, 7 Falls, Echo Canyon River Rafting, and Cliff Dwellings.

Why not do Colorado with the kids after camp and let them enjoy most of their camp experience on their own?

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You could go to Colorado Springs (like many other posters mentioned) and west of there are some beautiful mountain drives and activities too. Cheyenne Mountain Resort is a nice resort-hotel with lots of adult options in the Springs.

But if your husband wants more "exciting" then Denver is just under 2 hours away and would be an awesome grown-up vacation where you have a ton of activity options and interesting places to visit, like the Denver Center for Performing Arts, lots of museums and beautiful restaurants, spas, hotels, etc.

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Unless you're attending camp as a volunteer or employee, you will probably not be welcome to visit unless they have a specific Family Day. Most short-duration summer camps encourage independence in the kids, and they typically follow a daily activity schedule. Your boys will be busy doing cool things and you'll just be in the way.

I think you should plan to vacation with your kids separately, after their camp session is over.

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Why do you have to "follow" the boys at camp? While they are away, you two could get away to one of the spots suggested in other posts. I would not even bother to be near the boys. Think of it as a honeymoon for the two of you.

When the camp trip is over, try a few things together as a family. Being apart is a great thing sometimes as adults/parents. We still have to remember to be separate people from mom/dad.

Colorado will be great during July not too hot and not too cold. My son lives in Fountain which is south of the Springs and it is just beautiful. Have a great time.

the other S.

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