Cloth Diapers - BumGenius - New Born ?

Updated on August 13, 2008
J.K. asks from Lafayette Hill, PA
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Hello Ladies,

I have a question for you regarding the BumGenius cloth diapers. Currnetly i use the BG3.0 on my DS (21ms). I LOVE this product. I am due in december for our second son and i'm contemplating as to what size I should get for the new one. A couple of blogs I read said the aio 3.0 leaks for the little bums. But from a financial standpoint – I am not sure if I want to purchase 2 different sizes. However, if recommended I will. Would love to hear feedback from other moms!

Thanks and Take Care

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I've used the BG 1, 2, and 3s and I think they are all too big for a newborn. (I think the difference is in the washing instructions, not the size). I agree with the other moms-- I would use mostly disposables for the first month or so, and prefolds with a Bummis cover when you are feeling ambitious. For the first 6 weeks, everything leaks, so do whatever you need to get through.

I did have some premie /xsmall happy heinies that worked the best for him when he was little. You could try to pick a few up, but honestly, I wouldn't invest in them unless you are super-green. 6 weeks of 'sposies is a hell of a lot better than 3 years!

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answers from Harrisburg on

A dec 08 baby! Congrats on your baby belly :)
I use a mixture of all sorts of cloth and for the first few months I would suggest using prefolds with snappis and maybe proraps for covers. Its easy once you get the hang of it and it a cheaper method, too! I bought mine off of ebay and got a bunch from freecycle as well.
Good Luck!
Oh and check out cafemom they have a bunch of cloth diaper forums that might be able to help you out in your search, too!



answers from Scranton on

Hi J.! Thank you for using cloth diapers! I have been using BG2.0 on my daughter for a year, but they were far too bulky to use as a newborn. Just too much fluff between the legs with everything folded down and they don't fit under clothes very well. It took a few months before they really fit and worked on her. I have decided with my next one that I would use some inexpensive prefolds (Snugglebottoms contours are on my list to try) and covers to get me through the first few months. I can't justify the cost of buying fitted diapers, but that is another option. I understand the 3.0s come with a newborn insert, which probably solves the problem I'm telling you about, but that doesn't change my mind about putting any 1 size diaper on a newborn. The other alternative would be to use disposables for the first few months since you may receive some as gifts anyway. Or, you could start buying them now whenever you get a coupon to help offset the cost of suddenly buying them week after week. Good luck, and congratulations on baby number two!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I second the use of infant prefolds and covers with snappi's or pins.

I would choose Nikky covers over the others -- they are a superior cover for a couple bucks more.
With the right equipment not everything leaks with a newborn.
I used disposable for the first three weeks after all my babies -- the cloth performed better when I chose good equipment. This is the absolute best price I have found for them and recommend it often to some of my customers entering newborn diaperinghood. They usually run around $15 ea. I have no connections to the company listed or the product -- just experience.



answers from York on

I LOVE BumGenius as well! I started using them with my daughter when I started her on baby food around 6+ mos old. I would not suggest using the cloth before then because the poopie diapers are so runny and I can't imagine putting those diapers through my washing machine. If you have any tips on that, please share them with me because I'd love to not use disposables for the first 6 mos with our next baby! (not pregnant but will be next year sometime we hope) I like the one-size-fits-all type, I can't remember what it is called but it has the 3 different snaps. The newest ones, I read, have a newborn size but I have not heard any bad reports on them. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

place add on free cycle maybe someone has some lying around they would like to get rid of! never know...T.



answers from Lancaster on

Hi J.,
I purchased and began using BG 3.0 with my now 3 1/2 month old at about 1-2 months of age. (She weighed 8-9 lbs at 2 months)I have had less leaks with those than with disposables. Actually, last night was the first time she leaked out of one and it was a trickle down her leg. (She might be soon ready to move to the next snap setting... not sure...)I would encourage you to try them and see how they work for your baby before buying new diapers.
Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hello, I use the BumGenius 3.0 One-Sized diapers for my son and have since he was born. I haven't had any problems. I have so many other diapers that are a sized type and I found that they leak at times while the BumGenius ones do not. I am sorry I bought the other ones. But if you decide to buy sized diapers instead of the One Sized variety, I love the Natures Love Diapers. They are fantastic. Good luck to you!

A. (mom of 3...12yo, 3yo, and 4mo)

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