Clear Blue Ovulation Test

Updated on March 08, 2010
D.R. asks from Carson, CA
6 answers

I was wondering has anyone ever used the clear blue ovulation test and does it work??

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answers from Los Angeles on

it worked for me...



answers from Los Angeles on

I have used both the monitor and the regular test sticks. With the monitor, you can use your first morning urine. But with ovulation sticks, do NOT use first morning urine, regardless of brand. Optimum time for the LH surge the sticks test for is between 11 am and 8pm. This is why so many women never get a positive result! I'd say buy the less expensive tests (or go to - I used the ones that were 55 cents). Cut back on liquids a couple hours before you take the test.

Good luck!



answers from Reno on

I've had the best results with first response ovulation tests and pregnancy tests.



answers from Dothan on

it didnt work for me I got a positive result with the off brand from cvs pharamacy



answers from San Diego on

Oh I used a lot of those ovulation sticks! I tried both brand name and generic (Target brand). I think they work the same, so I saved my money and bought generic after that.



answers from Las Vegas on

It did not work for me while we were trying to conceive. I followed the directions every month and I never once saw that I was ovulating, even the month that we conceived. My cousin had the exact same experience-she conceived the same time as us and it never told her she was ovulating.
The test was highly recommended by a friend, however, who said the test worked for her the first month they were trying to conceive. She had her baby several months ago.
It may be worth a shot if you are having trouble conceiving, but don't count on it 100%.

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