Clear Blue Fertility Test Sticks

Updated on June 09, 2009
J.E. asks from Chesterfield, MO
5 answers

Hi mommy's-
wondering if anyone has used clear blue fertility test sticks that are expired. A friend gave me some left over - expired in April 09. Not sure if I should take a chance and use or just buy new ones. These are the ones that go with the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. I called the 800# and they of course said they can not guarantee accuracy after expiration date.

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answers from Wichita on

I used some that had expired by several months (at least 6 months) and they worked fine and I got pregnant the first month I used the monitor



answers from Kansas City on

I don't know about expired kits. When we were trying to get pregnant with our third child though I found out they have pregnancy tests at the dollar store for a buck. They are accurate tests, just a little more cumbersome than the expensive ones (pee in a cup and dip a stick.) I wish someone had told me about them earlier. Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

Hi J.,

After about 5 months of my inability to conceive my 2nd child while on Clomid, (my first took only 1 month with no help), a friend gave me her left over fertility sticks and the monitor. This was about 6 years ago and at that time, the monitor's instructions said that you could not share the monitor because it would not work and the sticks were supposedly expired as well. Well, I am getting ready to plan a 6 year birthday party this month for my second child! I looked at this way, what could it hurt? If it didn't work, I didn't lose any money, but if it did work (and it did), I would get pregnant. Go ahead a try. Truly, it's a win/win situation. Good luck!




answers from St. Louis on

I would probably buy a new package. I would not be convinced of the result because it's expired and then I'd end up buying a new one anyway. Too nerve racking to be unsure. Good luck.



answers from Kansas City on

I swear by this monitor too! I am not sure about the expired sticks. I think that I saw the sticks at either at Sam's Club or Costo. Check their websites. I think that it was MUCH cheaper. Those sticks are so expensive.

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