Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys: 8 Months and 3 Years

Updated on November 22, 2010
S.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
5 answers

Hello! Relatives are starting to ask for gift ideas for my 2 DS and I need ideas. Nobody spends a lot so I don't want to suggest savings bonds, etc. and my DH and I are good about buying zoo, museum...memberships.

My 3 year old DS is obsessed with firemen but he already has hats, gear, boots, fire trucks, books, etc. What else do 3 year old boys like to do/play with?

My other DS is 8 months old and is pretty set with toys and clothes from my older DS. All I can think of is books and CDs. Other ideas?


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answers from Cincinnati on

Some things that my 3yo son likes: cars/trucks/trains, blocks, puzzles, "workbench" and "tools", Mr. Potato Head and animals. For Christmas we are getting him a Thomas & Friends Mega Blocks set (from Santa), the TAG reading system, and a couple of zhu zhu pets and accessories.

Several of these would be good for your 8mo as well, as long as you get the age appropriate version.

p.s. I forgot to include the active stuff- bike, scooter, t-ball set, and football are other favorites.



answers from Chicago on

My 3 yo LOVES puzzles! His favorite are the 24 piece sets that you can get just about anyplace, even the dollar stores.

Lincoln Logs
Snow toys (sled, kid sized shovel, snow brick maker)
Cars with a track or play set to drive on (like the old Hot Wheels City)
Mr. Potato Head
Play-Doh and accessories
Board games (Candyland, Memory, Hi Ho Cherry Oh, Chutes and Ladders)
Elefun (game where a little elephant blows tulle butterflies out of the trunk and the kids try to catch them in nets)



answers from Washington DC on

i have 3 boys 6,3,1 and another on the way. things they love...

legos big or small. big ones are great for the little one to learn how to stack.
play-doh is always fun and easy.
sticker books with their favorite characters,
books of any kind are always great.
trains and tracks
matchbox cars
the wooden melissa and doug stuff is great for both ages
at 8 months my kids liked anything you could stack or roll or made noises
i'm sure they'll like whatever they get and spend most of their time playing with the box it came in:)



answers from Los Angeles on

A couple of great CDs that both boys will like:

Sounds Like Learning:

Fingerplays & Fun:

My three year old son LOVES this toy:
Motor Works:

He also really likes Zingo:

For the holidays this year, I got him this one:
Big Hungry Bear Collection
Book + CD:

Please check out all of my toys at and let me know if I can answer any questions or make any other recommendations. All toys ordered by December 13 are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

When you give Discovery Toys, you are investing in your child's future



answers from Kansas City on

I second the idea of games and puzzles! Will he wear any other dress up clothes besides firefighter...maybe you could suggest that? Also maybe some Little People toys? They have pretty fun cars, trucks, firetrucks, etc. My 3 year old daughter plays with Little People and likes it! Does he watch any TV or movies? My daughter also likes the DVDs of her favorite TV shows.

For the younger one...that is tougher since he has all the hand me downs. Do you have any push toys or anything...I know he can't use it yet, but maybe something to grow into. Also maybe look at the clothes and see specifically if he needs anything that might not fit or be in season from your son and give out more specific requests like mittens, hats, whatever. I suppose you could always ask for diapers!?! Maybe it's a little tacky, I guess, but shoot, I don't know! ;)

Also, just a side note, Gymboree has a ton of super cute fireman clothes on sale right now and they are WAY cute! They are in store and on line...check them out b/c then your son can have the best of both worlds with looking like a fireman in "regular" clothes!

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