Christmas Gifts/bonus for Daycare Center Teachers

Updated on November 23, 2008
C.A. asks from South Lyon, MI
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What is the proper etiquette (if there is any) on a Christmas bonus for a daycare center. My son is a toddler and has been going to his daycare center about 1 year. During this time, his 'classroom' has turnovered 2 lead teachers and about 6 assistants. Right now, he has 1 lead teacher (who we love) and 2 assistant teachers. All 3 of these teachers have been in his classroom less than 3 months. I believe that my husband and I should give all three something for Christmas. At his old center, we usually gave a gift of cash and then maybe something for the daycare center like cookies. I am looking for advice on what is proper to give daycare teachers...especially if they have not been there long. Maybe that doesn't make a difference. I just want to be generous yet not go crazy considering we are in the process of buying a new home 6 days before Christmas. If cash, how much? Ideas Mom?

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi Cindy,
At my son's preschool the teachers really like something donated to the school. We have done scholastic books in the past. Maybe you could do something like that. That way they would see that there was the thought behind it plus it would be something new for the daycare. Anyway, just a thought. Happy Holidays.

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answers from Detroit on

I'm a former lead teacher at a Preschool/Daycare center.

I never received cash as a gift. Most parents gave gift cards for coffee or restaurants ($10 - to lunch places), hand lotions, note pads, candles and things like that.

We also got TONS of boxes of candy and trays of cookies. I appreciated all of them but there is NO WAY I could consume all of the baked goods before they went bad.

We appreciated each and every gift we got but everyone's favorites were the gift cards (even if only $5) and hand lotions.

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answers from Detroit on

I never give the teachers cash. My two kids are at Kindercare. I am giving the pre-school teacher a $30 gift certificate, a nice ornament and a handmade card and thank you from my 4.5 year old. My daughter is one and has several caregivers. I usually give each of them a smaller gift...either a nice ornament, handmade soaps, etc. and bring in an edible treat for them...a large box of godiva, etc. I also get the director and assistant director a small gift, usually a nice ornament or soaps and bring in something for the entire staff to eat.



answers from Detroit on

I would say a gift card for a place like Panera or coffee shop or a book store.. perhaps $10-20..

I'm a piano teacher and I get all kinds of wonderful gifts, but my favorites are the gift cards and homemade cards from the kids.

Definetely enjoy the chocolate too.



answers from Benton Harbor on

I would call the Manager of the Center and ask them. They will be able to give you the best ideas.




answers from Detroit on

As a former day care teacher, it was always so nice to get gifts from parents. We obviously didn't get yearly bonuses like corporate jobs, so little gifts from parents are just a nice touch.

I loved gift certificates to restaraunts even if it is $5 for Starbuck or $10 to Panera! Either would be appropiate.

Not that any gift is ever a bad gift... but teaching for a couple years I had plenty enough holiday nick-nacks!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I am a teacher and a gift card for $10 is awesome! Another thing we like is a donation of something for the classroom like books, a game, dress up clothes, or something that you could ask that they could use. Also, an idea is anything that is consumable! That way they can use and it it won't take up space afterwards or be a dust collector. Another great idea is to donate the money to an organization in their name and let them know. Don't know if you have heard of Mercy Health Partners in Muskegon has a pediatric teddy bear program where you can donate $20 in someone's name of memory. They use the money to purchase teddy bears to give to any pediatric patient to help calm their fears. My son received one when he was in the hospital.



answers from Lansing on

We nevr do cash. We did cards the kids made, and a coffee gift card or homemade treats or a picture frame with the childs art work that they could take out and use.

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