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Teacher's Supply Store in North Dallas?

I am a pre school teacher and I buy ALOT of my material here. It is alot like Lakeshore but much closer for me as I live in Allen also. Hope this helps. ...

An Accident!

6 Oct 2009 ... Primary school teachers do not want anyone to have an accident, but the students have to learn that they cannot walk out whenever they feel ...

Looking for Info on Goddard School - Clackamas

The teachers have lesson plans for each day. the kids nap at 1pm at the clackamas location. I liked the school but we decided to send our 3 yr old to a ...

Gift Ideas for Preschool Teachers

My mother was an elementary school teacher for nearly 30 years and growing up I swear we had over 100 apples as ornaments for the Christmas tree (she'd ...

Question for Teachers

Question for Teachers. I just got hired on at a new school for next year where there will be a lot of ESL students. The principal has asked I become ESL ...

School, Private or Public

I know other private school teachers who insist that children with learning difficulties have better opportunities for help in the public school system ...

When Should You Stop Pre-school If Child Cries?

They would have to get used to it, the other kids, the activities, the teachers, etc. I've also been a sunday school teacher and the same thing goes there. ...

My Child Refuses to Do School Work.

Have you talked to teachers at all to see what they notice at school as to anything .... You could communicate with the school/teacher what your plan is. ...

My Son's Teacher Is Ignoring Me!

Just FYI, for similar reasons, my girls are in a private school. Public school teachers are overworked and overwhelmed and sometimes take it out on the kids ...

Our Middle School Isn't Allowing Parents to Chaperone at Valentine's Dance?

Then e-mailed me saying the school "didn't need any parents, only the teachers take care of the kids". My inclination is to offer my kiddo something other ...
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