Christmas Gift Ideas for a 10 Month Old

Updated on December 03, 2006
B.C. asks from Meridian, ID
9 answers

I am at a loss when it comes to ideas for my son for Christmas. He will be 10 months old, I anticipate he'll be receiving everything he could ever want from his grandparents (he has 4 sets of them). Does anyone have any good suggestions on great toys, etc that a 10 month old enjoys?

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answers from Lincoln on

B. there are so many thigs that would be good for your son. I just got a Little Leaps for my daughter. There are games for all ages.
What about something to push around or something to ride. My kids always loved the little things that you can push and ride on.
I am also a consultant for Discovery Toys they are great for children. They have a lifetime guarantee and they are educational. Check out the web site



answers from Des Moines on

When my daughter was one, she received a Put and Peek Birdhouse (my sister ordered it from Amazon), and this toy continues to be one of her absolute favorites nearly a year later. She loves the touch and feel books, especially Baby MacDonald on the Farm, which is one of the Baby Einstein books. Flap books are also very popular with her--the sturdier the better!

Happy shopping!



answers from Davenport on

Hey B.,
I hear ya. My daughter has 4 sets of grandparents and four sets of great grandparents (still around. My daughter is 7 months old and by the time Christmas gets here she will be almost 8 months old. So I figured my husband and I are going to by her some onsies and socks and some cute shoes!Also we decided that we are going to get her some interactive little books for her age group. (she loves to be read to) Basically stuff that she can use! At this stage in ther little lives they will only want to play with the box that the toy comes in. They wont even remeber what they got or who gave it to them. So it's not too big of a deal. I hope I helped you out a little.



answers from Omaha on

Is he cruising? If so, some kind of push toy that converts to ride on toy is great. Or just a push toy is good too. For his 1st birthday back in August we got our son a little car that has a handle for pushing (the handle also serves as the seat back). It has a storage compartment in the seat for toys, which my son thoroughly enjoys putting his toys and taking them out. It also has a lot of buttons to push that make different sounds and play music, which he loves. I can't remember who makes it (it was some brand I had never heard of), but I found it at Wal-Mart for $15. Someone else got him a similar toy made by Fisher Price and my son likes them both, but seems to prefer the one we got him. Also, I would say anything that lights up or makes noise that baby can easily manipulate would be a hit. I hope this helps!




answers from Denver on

My son really loved soft blocks at this age. We had a set from Walmart that were like vinyl covered and soft and squishy. He just loved them. Also, anything that makes noise is fun at that age. Playskool makes a lot of fun little toys that aren't too terribly annoying. Things with different sounds and textures are good, so he can feel them and chew on them and learn about things that way. And if he shakes a ball and it jingles, he learns cause and effect. Hope those ideas help you out! It actually gets harder to buy them toys when they get to be about 2 because they're getting too old for the baby/toddler toys but they're still too young for the older toys! Good luck!



answers from Pocatello on

A toy box doesn't sound fun, but you might consider it if you don't already have one. It might come in handy if you anticipate that he will receive alot of gifts from grandparents...just a thought.



answers from Missoula on

10 months old is a great stage. they don't want anything. My children recieved puzzles, stuff animals, clothes, lots of stuff they needed as growing kids. but what they loved was the wrapping paper, being able to play with it and the empty boxes, sacks, bows. a stuffed animal that makes noise is great for them, they get the "treat" plus play with the packaging. Just remember, it has to be noise that Mom can take. You might be hearing a lot of it. ;)



answers from Lincoln on

You've gotten lots of good ideas. I have a ball toy that all my children and all their friends love (ages 3 months-6 years). It is by preschool and the balls come out one side, go down an orange slide, into the bottom and are blown out the top again. I honestly didn't know it would be such a popular toy, but it's the most played with one at our house. I have seen them in almost all toy departments.



answers from Sioux City on

This is the easiest age to buy for. My baby who will be a year next month just loves to play with his older brothers toys, like cars and dinasours and trains. I would prob. recomend one of those push toys that can be changed into a riding toy. also blocks and cups and things he can learn with. alot of toys arent necessary though so this is a good time to buy things like diapers and wrap them and socks, things he needs. like you said his grandpaerents are going to spoil him, and believe me all these toys add up in the end. oh and another idea, does he like any sertain caractor like elmo? mine just loves shrek, so observe and buy him a movie, that will keep his attention and might give you a break. good luck

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