Gift Ideas for an 11 Month Old?

Updated on October 28, 2011
K.B. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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So in order for my son to have his first christmas, I have to get gifts put on lay away. So since I have a little extra money from these next couple of paychecks, I think I'm going to pick some things out now. I figured I'll probably get him some more practical things that he could simply open since he'll probably be more into the wrapping paper then the presents (like clothes and such), but I wanted to get him 1-2 fun toy things that he could play with. Any suggestions for this age? I don't have much money to spend. 200 will probably be my max, but I'd like to spend less if possible. His birthday will be about a month and a half after Christmas, so I'll probably get him one really good toy then and let the rest of the family do the rest so I could use ideas for when he's one as well.

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answers from Los Angeles on

As others mentioned, the busy ball popper is a must. I give it to all my friends for their kids first birthdays.

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answers from Chicago on

Busy Ball Popper!!! My boys loved it, and I bought it after seeing how much my nephew loved it.

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answers from Kansas City on

Oh my gosh, that busy ball popper is crazy fun! My 2 year old still loves it and will wrestle it away from the 15 month old when we visit my friend's house!

My kids liked books at that age, also Little People stuff. Any big colorful, chunky books are great. Animals and colors, things like that will interest him. At that age they like to put stuff in and take stuff out, the Little People were fun to put in the vehicles and then take them out, etc. The farm is kind of expensive but both my kids love it. Push toys are also big around here. Ones that can help teach him to walk...they are fun and practical! Plus most of the ones they make now can easily convert to a ride on toy too. We used those even in the house during the winter and it really helped my daughter learn to walk.

My son was 15 months on Christmas and honestly he really didn't have a clue, so your son won't either. I get that you want to get him some gifts, and I think you should, but don't stress about it. He won't know how many he gets or even which are his and which aren't. Let the family spoil him for Christmas and his birthday and it will be okay! ;)

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answers from Detroit on

Playskool Busy Ball Popper - my daughter LOVED hers!

Wooden puzzle sets with big pieces that have knobs for grabbing

Fisher Price Little People toy sets - especially the garage with the toy cars!

One of those wooden activity cubes with different things he can do on each side

Blocks, shape sorters


answers from Dallas on

Yes, blocks, books, and little people sets. My DD is 4 and still plays with her little people stuff all the time. You can find them cheaper on Craigslist too, which is always a bonus.



answers from Detroit on

wooden blocks

Think about his new walking skills:

Melissa and Doug push duck toy (push while standing)

a pull toy with a cord to follow him as he walks

Fisher-Price riding toy (I've seen fire trucks, school buses)

a toy to hold with one hand and roll on the floor

a wagon or a push cart in which items can be moved

stacking cups

alphabet letters for the bathtub

various tub toys

hooded bath towel

table and chair set

books (Sandra Boynton is a fav)

mirror on the wall so he can see himself

children's CD of music

By the way, let the family buy the stuff. Really, get some books and two small toys or one larger item. It'll still be overwhelming for him.



answers from Honolulu on

Bath tub toys.



answers from St. Louis on

You've gotten some great responses! I just wanted to encourage you that you don't have to go "all out" for your 11-month old's 1st Christmas. I know the temptation is there, but a budget is fine! We try to keep it to $75-$100 for each of our kids even though my husband has a great job and we could spend lots more. I think for my second baby's 1st Christmas (he was just 2 months old) we got him a single board book! So I think you're ideas are great: practical, with one or two fun things. Good job Mom!



answers from Savannah on

My 11 month old son loves anything with balls. He has a dinosaur with holes and when you put the balls through, it makes music. It is Fisher price. They make a lot of things with these balls. They are see-through and have things inside. Also, I would get some kind of push toy. The ones that can be rode on later are more expensive, but you will get more use out of it.


answers from Los Angeles on

Blocks, the Busy Ball Popper, a Little People set from Fisher-Price, an activity toy of some sort, a new lovie (stuffed animal) all come to mind. He won't really know what Christmas is all about or be expecting gifts so whatever you buy him will be fine.

You can also check out sites like Playskool, Fisher-Price, Walmart, Target, etc. and browse toys by age to get an idea of what's out there and recommended for his age.

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