Chore Ideas for My 2 Kids

Updated on June 02, 2011
J.S. asks from Cortland, IL
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I have 3 children, 2 of which I think should be fully capable of having daily chores. My older kids are 4 & 8. I have these cute chore charts, where they get to put a sticker upon completing the chores. My husband & I agreed on $5 each week for each of them if they complete all of their chores. My question is...What chores would you assign each, based on their ages??
Thanks for your input!!

Added~I found the chore chart at Office Max!! In the past I've googled "chore chart for kids" and usually find them! They work wonders for my friends kids, I just have to figure out what to assign mine!!

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answers from Washington DC on

MIne have doen chores forever. THey start at 3ish helping me or an older one.

The trick is to do the chore with them. Yes they can unload the dishwasher but while they do that you wash dishes or something else in the kitchen.

At 8 mine with help could
Clean bathrooms,
toilets, sinks, take all towels down and rehang clean ones, sweep floors

load/unload dishwasher,
dry dishes, and put away
sweep floor
Start washing, glasses and plates, no pans or shapr nkives utensils

Other rooms,
put away their toys

Cat litter
they can scoop and help clean the box, at 8 they were still too little to pick the box up to completely change it.
sweep around kitty litter area

Dog doos in back yard-both can do this,.. My sister pays $.50 a pile. I dn't pay for any chores

THey will need supervision, be in the room and help them organize the mess. Say Let's clean Legos, or let's clean up all the red things/stuffies/clothes. Even my 16 yo likes me to sit and chatter with her while she organizes her hovel.

THe four year old needs to help you do chores but can put away and dry dishes
load the dishwasher
wipe sinks down

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter is 2. She is in charge of helping me feed the dog and she clears her own spot at the table. My son is 4. He helps me set the table and he clears the entire table after dinner. Both are responsible for picking up their dirty clothes and keeping their bedrooms neat (the 4 year old does this independently, the two year old needs some help). My son also helps sweep the grass out front after my hubby has mowed. He has a kid sized push broom for the job. And on days when I clean the bathrooms, they both help me wipe everything down. We don't pay for chores in our house though, it's just part of being in our family...everyone has a job.

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answers from Norfolk on

My 5 year old is in charge of laundry. He gets the hampers out of the bedrooms, puts the laundry in the washer (we're not big sorters of laundry in our house), puts the soap in and starts the washer. Then he puts the wet laundry in the dryer, puts the dryer sheet in, and starts the dryer. Pulls dry clothes out, puts in basket for us to fold. We give them their clothes to put in their rooms and don't get fussy about if it all ends up on a chair instead of in a drawer.
My 3 year old is in charge of emptying the trashcans in the bathrooms and making sure the kids books are put away on the shelves in the family room.
They alternate (based on even or odd day) setting and clearing the table.
Currently they don't get any allowance for these little bit of chores.
Anyway, based on our experience, I would put the 8 year old on laundry duty for sure. And the 4 year old could do the trash cans and maybe help put clean dishes away.
The 8 year old could vacuum and the 4 year old could use a Magic Eraser to clean up crayon marks or smudges off walls, baseboards, and cabinets.
Just a couple ideas. Have fun with it and be ready to walk them through it a few times!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My 8 yo can help unload the dishwasher, dust, vacuum, clean the toilet (non toxic cleaner), give the dog food & water, help sort laundry.

I say he "can" -- not that he "does"! Maybe I need O. of those cute chore charts! Where did you get yours?

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answers from Minneapolis on

My 7 year old is in charge of swiffering under furniture and beds once a week. My 4 year old has to help pick up and dust by the TV once a week. They both get paid for these chores.

Chores that are expected of them daily as a part of the family is to pick up their rooms before bed, help set the table before meals and clean up their dishes after meals. That includes scraping the dishes into the garbage and putting them in the dishwasher. Throwing dirty laundry in the laundry baskets. Also when we mow they are both in charge of helping pick up any toys that are on the grass.

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answers from Honolulu on

I don't pay my kids for chores.
Because, it is something they should do anyway, to help the family.
They live in the house too... and thus, should help the family and their house. I explain it that way, to my kids.
If they do special things, then I give them perhaps, money. But not commonly.

Also, chores should be attainable for the child. Cleaning an ENTIRE room for example, can be too daunting for a young child. So maybe have them do a section of the room.
Or clean/wipe the tables. Pick up the floor. Have a place for them to put their things. ie: in baskets.
Then some chores can be done WITH you. The harder chores... and you teach them how. Just as a means of them learning. Too.

Have a certain "time" when they need to do their chores.
In other words, help them organize their time and when to do chores. Kids left to themselves, will not do it unless you 'cue' them. Making it more pinpointed and 'when' to do it etc.
So that it is more tangible to them.

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