Chiropractor for Infants

Updated on February 19, 2006
A. asks from Houston, TX
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Has anyone heard of or used a chiropractor to adjust the spine for their infants. I've heard of the practice but never had the nerve to have my child checked up yet. My four month old has been popping and cracking like and eighty year old. I'm just wondering if he has been experience any pain due to it. If anyone can recommend a chiropractor or knows more about this service on young children, please reply.

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Talk to your pediatrician first. It is normal for infants to "pop". Remember their bones are forming and aren't yet "hard" like adults. They are very resiliant at this young age.



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What area do you live in? I go see a chiropractor for my own back, but had never though about sending my son to one. The lady I see is Dr. Catherine Pulse. She is located on Scarsdale in the Houston area, close to Pearland. Her number is ###-###-####. I don't know is she sees children, but you can always call and ask her. I also found this article on the web. Hope it helps. Good luck in finding someone to help your son.

Questions and Answers
Chiropractic Children: Infants and Toddlers

Why would a baby need to see a chiropractor?

Babies are naturally healthy, happy and active. When they're not, the reason could be a problem with their spine. Think about it. The nervous system, which controls every function of the body, is protected by the spine. A spinal bone that is out of alignment or not moving properly, (called a subluxation) may irritate or put pressure on local nerves. Communication between your brain and body (and vice versa) becomes hampered which may cause countless problems. Colic and irritability are examples of symptoms that can be caused by subluxations.

But why would a baby have these spinal problems?

The birth process can put a great deal of pressure on the spinal nerves and muscles of the infant's neck. In a difficult delivery, damage to the delicate tissues of the spine may occur, especially when vacuum extraction or forceps are used. As children develop they suffer falls and tumbles while learning to crawl, walk, climb and run. Such everyday childhood activities can cause these problems which may result in a variety of unhealthy conditions.

How does a chiropractor treat spinal problems in a baby?

Chiropractors use very gentle adjustment techniques that are suited to the child's age and condition. Chiropractors have a minimum of seven years of university level education and are trained to treat infants and children, as well as adults. Adjustments for children are so precise and gentle that children love being adjusted because it makes them feel great.

When should you first take your child to a chiropractor?

As soon as possible after birth. Chiropractic care at an early stage could prevent many common childhood disorders from developing. But any age is a good time to start because a chiropractor will help your child's body keep itself healthy which can lead to a lifetime of good health.



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Rick Tillmann is off of Nasa rd 1 suite 202 Houston,TX. 77058
I'm not sure if he does this sort of thing for babies but I'm sure he would know who you need to contact if he doesn't do this sort of thing. He helped me during my pregnacey and he is a very kind and wonderfull man and your right by the water,there are some little parks in the nieghborhoods if you like feeding,playing and watching birds as well.



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I would not do this. I am a massage therapist that worked for a chiropractor for 4 years. They can be great. But the reason why people are out of alinement, in most cases, is becuase they do not have the muscle strength to support their body due to poor postures ect.. if your baby is building that muscle mass and as he gets stronger the adjustments should get less and less.

Another thing that you should consider is that,how a chiropractor knows what is out of alignment is doing muscle resistent tests, this is something that your baby cannot do. I would ask his Peditrican if you have concerns.
Good Luck



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Have you tried infant massage? It is much more beneficial than chiropractic and it is something you can do yourself.


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