Childproofing Under Kitchen Sink - Where Do You Put All That Stuff??

Updated on July 20, 2011
M.M. asks from Mahopac, NY
25 answers

Everything I read about childproofing says that even with the use of safety devices on kitchen cabinets, anything poisonous or sharp should be moved to a height that a baby/toddler can't reach. So where do you keep all of those cleaners that many of us keep under the kitchen sink? I reach for them all the time and am having trouble figuring out where else to keep them where they'll still be accessible. Any ideas?

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answers from San Francisco on

I kept mine in the cabinet above the refrigerator. If you don't have a cabinet there maybe you could stick them in a pretty basket on top of the fridge?
It's a good time to weed out what you don't use that often or even need. Most of us only need a few kinds of cleaning products, and things you don't use often (like oven cleaner) can be stored on a shelf in the garage or shed.
Same goes with sharp objects and permanent markers, I kept those up out of reach as well.
That way I had no need for the cabinet locks, all they could get into was the linens and the pots and pans!

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answers from Anchorage on

either in a high up cabinet or other high self. I put mine above the washer/dryer. Other ideas are bathroom closet top shelves.

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answers from Lansing on

I kept a childproof lock on my kitchen cabinet under the sink....until they were old enough to not care or know better.

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answers from Washington DC on

we didn't move anything...we used the cabinet locks - but that's about it.

I'm not the "traditional" mom - I didn't baby proof in the sense that everyone else does...I knew my kids were going to be placed in an environment at one point in their life - if not several - where they were NOT TO TOUCH something....I was NOT going to expect people to move stuff around in THEIR HOME so my kids wouldn't touch it.

It's OKAY to teach your kids NO. It's okay to teach them that "we don't play with that" "that's dangerous for you" etc. words that start makes sense to a child....

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answers from Richmond on

First time parent? ;) I'm teasing...

I never moved anything, and I didn't use any safety whatevers other than baby gates (which my first kid scaled like a ninja!). I was just VERY persistent that 'You don't go under the sink' (ditto for medicine's and things like that)... I'm not rearranging my house! This is how kids learn. If you move all that stuff at YOUR house, what happens when your child goes to your family or friends house? You ask them to babyproof and move stuff? No! Your child needs to learn to just stay out of there ;)

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answers from Sacramento on

I moved them to an upper cabinet where I used to store cookbooks. Check around your upper cabinets to see if there is one with items you use only occasionally and then swap the items.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Like others said, get the TotLoc magnetic locks. As a home childcare provider they are the only actual child locks approved in my county by licensing so I can keep everything but a gun (which I don't own, BTW) in my cabinets. I have them everywhere (Tot locs) ;-).

They have a little red bar you "flip" so they remain in an unlocked position. I do this for evenings and weekends when its just me, hubby and my teenager. I have them on all my bathroom cabinets/drawers, several of my kitchen ones, a few in my playroom (for scissors and paints for daycare....BTW...I ahve ALOT of cabinets we had put in to put my job "away" when I am not working..out of sight sort of thing).

They are a PITA to install, if you ask my hubby. But for me, worth it. If you are having more children, they can easily stay in place and remain unlocked (just don't lose the "keys"!) after your child is old enough that some of the cabinets or drawers are not such a concern.

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answers from Bloomington on

Me personally. I have 2 closets in the hall way. One I use for storing that stuff. Up on the top shelf, door also has safety knob on it. Well the cleaners anyhow.

The knives and scissors went up to top shelves in the kitchen cabinets.

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answers from Wichita on


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answers from Madison on

I use a simple child-proof lock.

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answers from St. Louis on

Top of the linen closet in hallway

Top of coat closet

Anyplace with a top shelf out of the way

Top cabinets in the kitchen - rearrange so safe items are now on bottom and the unsafe take their place.

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answers from St. Louis on

top of the frig, double locks on the cabinets.....

or my choice: use the cabinet locks, teach your child to obey, & to never, ever leave the child unattended in the kitchen or bathroom.

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answers from New York on

I just put the cabinet locks, safety thing, on cabinets. I forget the proper
name. No one has been able to get them open. I sometimes have
trouble. I have never taken anything out. I am confident kiddies are safe.



answers from Austin on

An upper cabinet near the sink?

I realize sometimes space is at a premium....


answers from San Antonio on

I used to keep mine in the cabinet above my stove.
Now I keep it on the high shelf above my washer/dryer.



answers from Cleveland on

If you've no where else to put it, get a TotLoc.


answers from Dover on

I still keep mine in the kitchen, in a child-proof cabinet but I don't have poisonous chemicals in my home. I converted to Melaleuca products that are safe for your family and the environment. Sure, they won't taste good and could cause an upset stomach but they don't require a trip to the ER and your child will be fine.



answers from Phoenix on

I used to put them on top of the fridge. You could also designate part of an upper level cabinet for them.



answers from Seattle on

I've never had cleaners under the sink... one side is garbage, and one side is yardwaste (foodscraps, papertowels, etc... composting). I keep all household cleaners for all rooms, along with brooms, mops, etc. in the laundryroom EXCEPT the bottle of spraycleaner I use 10,000 gazillion million times a day. That's on the counter in the kitchen next to the dish soap.



answers from Rochester on

I always kept it on the top shelf of the linen closet or in the garage.



answers from New York on

On top of the refrigerator, in the cabinet above the 'fridge, a shelf over the washer or the top of the linen closet are good choices. Child locks can be left open. I certainly would not trust a toddler or preschooler to not touch 100% of the time. They need to learn the "don't touch" concept and poison does not make got a good learning experience! Dish soap, baking soda and vinegar I leave out at counter height though.



answers from New York on

i taught my daughter not to touch certain things/places insteading of childproofing everywhere. in addition, she has always been watched carefully and has never been alone long enough to get into places she shouldnt be without her father or myself telling her no.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I put all mine over the kitchen sick in the window that I use through out the day, like dish soap, SOS pads, and comet. I put Windex and everything else over the washer and dryer. My 7 year old has finally seen them and is old enough to know not to touch them.


answers from Kansas City on

I keep them in the top of a hall closet and sometimes in the window sill. There are 2 and sometimes 3 adults in our home. So our children and daycare children are never alone long enough to climb on a chair and get a cleaning product off the window sill above the sink. But even at that, I tend to use very watered down bleach to a strength that couldn't hurt a child if they sprayed it on themselves and or I use watered down vinegar.

Actual cleaners like comet powder is rarely used and kept far away from children at all times.



answers from New York on

I never keep any of my cleaning products under the sink. I keep them in the cabinet above the stove and for dish washing I keep that stuff on the window sill above the sink.

Under the sink is where I keep my plastic food storage containers. in plastic bins.

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