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Updated on December 19, 2012
M.S. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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I think my six year old has just gotten chicken pox even though he has had the vaccine. Not sure if it is the pox or not or something else. It is mostly on his face, mouth, head, ear that are starting to scab over. Small prickly bumps on the rest of him.

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answers from San Francisco on

The location doesn't sound like chicken pox. That usually starts on the trunk of the body. I would definitely take him to the doctor.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Chicken Pox looks like small blisters to me. Then they break open and seep fluid all over stuff. Then they scab over. Plus they start on the warmest part of the body and spread. The fever is usually pretty high too.

I don't think this sounds like that but with this being on his face he would have already been to the doc if it was my grand kids. It could be an allergy or some reaction so I'd want them to be seen and get on meds if it's something like that.

Get it checked out to make sure what it is. It could be chicken pox since he had the vaccine, they make the virus less effective if they do get chicken pox after having it.

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answers from Miami on

Well, this happened to my kindergartner. About 20% of kids who have had the chicken pox vaccine still get chicken pox. It's not a complete waste to have gotten the shot, though, because they have a much lighter case. My older son got chicken pox before the vaccine came out, and bless his heart, he was covered from head to toe and was as sick as a dog with a 105 degree fever. It was bad. My second son was so much less sick - only 60 spots on him - nothing compared to my older son's case of chicken pox.

You need to take him to the doctor and get a diagnosis. He is contagious and you need to tell the office when you call why you are bringing him in. My doctor had me come in a back door and ushered into a particular room immediately so that other kids were not exposed - I'm sure they sanitized the room as well, after we left.

Remember - no aspirin products - Reye's Syndrome is a possibility (you probably already know that.)


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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would call your pediatrician and find out if they would be comfortable looking at pics of the lesions. Might save them having a contagious kid in the office and save you a visit.

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answers from San Francisco on

Take him to the doctor to be sure. One time I thought my older daughter had come down with chicken pox. I took her to the doctor, and it turned out to be scarlet fever. Yikes!

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answers from Portland on

You didn't mention serious itching. If he didn't itch badly, it's not chicken pox. And chicken pox is mostly on the trunk of the body and is more blisters than a rash. And there is a fairly high fever. I would call the advice nurse and ask her opinion. There are several illnesses that have rashes.

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answers from Columbia on

Chicken pox tend to start on the trunk (usually the stomach) and move to the extremities. To start, they look like small round blisters. Then they dry up, crust, and scab.

Does he have them anywhere else? Or just on his face/head?

For the record, both of my boys got a very mild case of chicken pox even though they were vaccinated. Both got two or three on their tummies, but nowhere else.

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answers from Boise on

There are a lot of other possibilities, has he had a fever and seemed sick or is it just the rash? It sounds like foot and mouth disease to me, but you really need to take him to his doctor to S. what it is.

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answers from Dallas on

sounds like it could be but I would take him to the dr right away. Be sure and let them know you think it might be that cause I know when I had it they didn't want me in the waiting room with everyone else. Unfortunately just because they get the vaccine does not mean they wont get it. :(

Good luck and God Bless!


answers from Dover on

The CP vaccine does not prevent the child from getting CP. It reduces the severity IF they get it...which means they can get it again and again. The only way I know of to prevent CP is to have a very BAD case the first time...speaking as a person who had it twice.

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