Red Bumps - Could It Be Chicken Pox?

Updated on January 03, 2012
S.B. asks from Kansas City, MO
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When we were giving our almost 5 year old a bath tonight, we noticed 2 bumps on her back, near her shoulder blade. Both look kind of pimple-ish, neither are itchy. She has no other symptoms, (no fever, no loss of appetite, no feeling sick at all) and she has had the chicken pox vaccine, but I'm super paranoid that it might be chicken pox. I googled it, and it they do kind of look like pox. How much of a chance does a kid have of getting chicken pox if they've had the vaccine? Am I being paranoid for no reason? I'm hoping her doctor's office will be open tomorrow, but with the holiday, I don't know if it will be.

ETA: Mostly I would want the doctor to confirm if it's chicken pox or not. We have been around a lot of other people's kids lately, and if it is, I'd like to let them know. Especially my pregnant cousins.

ETA2: They are red, raised, and look to have something whitish in the center. A google has told me they look like both pox and mollescum, although more like chicken pox.

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So What Happened?

We went to the Doctor first thing this morning. The good news is it's not Chicken Pox or anything else the doctor had ever seen. He was totally stumped on what it could be and has referred us to a dermatologist later in the week. Thanks for all the info, Mamas!!

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answers from Norfolk on

Pox from chicken pox are clear fluid filled blisters that itch like crazy.
With chicken pox you'll have a fever though with a mild case it might be a low grade fever.
I had it when I was a kid and still have 2 scars from the scratching.
I had pox inside my ears, on my scalp, inside my mouth, all over arms, legs and body.
Mom put us in the bathtub and slathered on the calamine lotion but it didn't help much.
I suppose it could be a very mild case but so far it's not sounding like a case of chicken pox to me.
See what the doctor says.
Chicken pox might be very mild in some people but others can die from it.
I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through.
I had my son vaccinated.

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answers from Portland on

I've had chicken pox. This is definitely not chicken pox. One is sick, sick, sick with it. Fever, achy muscles very itchy spots that start on the trunk.

We all get bumps of unknown origin from time to time. I urge you to stop thinking about them and let them go the way of nearly all 1 or 2 bumps. They sound like pimples but could also be bug bites. Just not something to worry about.

After reading other's posts I see that one can have a mild case without getting really sick if one has been vaccinated. However, I really doubt that this is chicken pox.

I really do think we borrow trouble when we become fixated on certain issues.

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answers from Dayton on

My 2 older kids had the vaccine and got just a few dots with no other symptoms. The dr saw it and confirmed it. Honestly, if it wasn't on my oldest's face I probably would have missed them. They never got worse, but if it lasts another day or so take her to the dr if you want to see for sure. As for the pregnant cousins, they are most likely fine - I was exposed to chicken pox or shingles in each of my 4 pregnancies (I was a nurse). The dr said as long as I wasn't "swimming" in it I should be ok - and I was.

I second checking to see if it is molluscum - they can look similar.

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answers from Madison on

I went home for Thanksgiving and after being there for a few days, my nephew and my 2 older girls (14 and 6) all had a few red bumps. My SIL said my nephew had been around a boy with the chicken pox. All had been vaccinated (but my nephew is young and only had 1 round). I took my girls in and dr said it was chicken pox. Said the double vaccination my girls had will mean they can get it but aren't contagious - the normal rules don't apply either, like the 10 day incubation period. But my nephew with only one vaccination was contagious. My girls didn't get fevered, but also didn't feel good for a few days - but not sick like with normal chicken pox.

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answers from Charleston on

If she's had the vaccine, I would suspect something else. Google mollescum contagiousum - my son had this and it looks like pimples also with no itching or other symptoms. Good luck and hope you get a confirmation soon.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My oldest had the vaccine and still got them. It was a very mild case. She was hardly sick, just a little itchy. There were only a few patches of spots. It really is not bad after the vaccine.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Chicken pox is not big deal, of all the childhood illnesses it was the easiest to get through for most kids of my generation. I didn't have a single scar but my daughter has one, it is in her eye area but not noticeable to anyone but me.

I think that unless you are pregnant of have an infant in the house that even if it does turn out to be chicken pox that it is not a huge deal. Especially since she had the vaccine. I would think this actually might be bug bites since there are only 2. I only saw cases of it where they broke out all over their bodies, starting on the tummy and chest first, then the arms and legs, then the back, then finally the face.

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answers from San Antonio on

Don't be paranoid about chicken pox. It will be OK. If she got the vaccine and then gets the virus and gets pox, it will probably be a mild case.

My youngest had a mild case at 6 months because the older boys got it and brought it home. I was still breastfeeding my youngest and he had maybe 30 spots total. The doc told me 17 yrs ago that kids 1) with a mild case of pox or 2) who had the vaccine were somewhat likely to get the pox again at some point in their lives.

Remember: vaccines for chicken pox are not a guarantee to never get the disease. They are like a little bit of insurance.

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answers from Charlotte on

I'd wait a few days and see if more come up. A fever will accompany it. These sound more like pimples, and little kids can get pimples too.


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answers from San Antonio on

This site shows common bumps/rashes and their symptoms.

Maybe they are actual pimples if they look pimple-ish and there are only two?
Bug bites?

If your daughter DOES have the chicken pox, there's really nothing you can do or that the doctor can do except help her not itch them, right?

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answers from St. Louis on

My 13 month-old recently had about 7 bumps around his lower belly and thighs, then got a few on his neck and behind his ears. He's had very mild cold symptoms (cough and some runny nose) and is getting over an ear infection, but no fever. A family practice doc said it sounded like a viral rash and she had seen it recently on another infant. Here's a nice guide:

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