Cerebral Palsy - Opelousas,LA

Updated on April 26, 2010
L.P. asks from Opelousas, LA
7 answers

Does anyone know if a man has a mild case of cerebral palsy if he can have healthy normal kids?

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answers from Tulsa on

I had a friend in grade school who had CP, and she has given birth to 3 beautiful, healthy girls.



answers from Biloxi on

My baby sitter as a child had a husband who had moderate cerebral palsy. They had four healthy children and he had a very good career as a rocket scientist-no kidding.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

CP is caused by an injury to the brain before or just after bith, and you can't pass it on to your kids. Folic acid can't prevent CP, but does help prevent spina bifida, a different problem.



answers from Kansas City on

Start taking folic acid before and during your pregnancy to help prevent birth defects!!



answers from Atlanta on

Absolutely! Cerebral Palsy is not an inherited disease but one that is believed to be caused by problems during pregnancy. No worries...

God bless!




answers from Seattle on

It used to be believed that CP is caused by perinatal oxygen deprivation (before, during and after birth), but recent studies show that this is actually only true for a small percentage of affected people. In some cases genetic issues may contribute to CP, though it is now believed that perinatal brain injury is the most common cause.
So it looks good, but this person may want to see a geneticist to be sure.
Good luck.



answers from Philadelphia on

My cousin has cerebral palsy and had 2 healthy, normal kids. Cerebral palsy occurrs when a baby is injured during birth. It is not an inherited disease.

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