Cell Phone Cost for Family of 4 - Rockwall,TX

Updated on November 11, 2013
M.M. asks from Rockwall, TX
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What is your average bill for cell phones for a family of 4? We pay 232.00 for 3 smartphones and 1 non-smartphone. That seems outrageous to me, so I was wondering if this the average amount others pay. We have roadside assistance on 2 phones and protection plan on each phone. Our provider is AT&T. Am I being ripped off?

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answers from Albany on

About $230 a month for 4 smart phones with 750 minutes shared (never come close, no one talks on the phone), unlimited texting, and the mid rage data, dunno the exact amount off the top of my head.

Considering in 1985 I paid the same amount for a land line to talk to my two sisters in Texas.....I'm ok with it.



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answers from St. Louis on

AT&T....& we pay $275/month for 5 phones - 3 smart phones & 2 non-data phones. This includes insurance for all of us. My sons & husband are nightmares when it comes to phone care....as in fishing, the 3 of them, & the phones....nah, they don't mix. At the one year mark, we usually drop the insurance on the less expensive phones.

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answers from San Francisco on

Same as Theresa, $230/mo, for 4 smart phones. We have a limit on data, but haven't gone over yet. Almost did, one month.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't know. The cheapest non contract phone I've seen starts at $50 per. So, that's $200 for 4. Assuming that you can get one that fits your needs (where I live only certain carriers have actual reliable coverage at my home.)

We are with Verizon, and while we only have one smart phone and one "plain" one (text and talk service only) our bill is $125. Because they charge a flat fee for "sharing" and we have unlimited talk/text to share. But, I could add 2 smart phones for $40 each... and that would make my bill about $205/month for 3 smart phones and one plain. But I don't carry "extras" either. I have never had a problem with broken phones or lost phones or other things that would make me feel like paying $50/month in insurance on them is worth it.
I have the smallest data package available (1G) and I NEVER come even close to using it. Maybe 10% of it gets used per month.

oh.. and I can use my phone as a mobile hotspot, so I don't have to add my ipad as another device to the plan. I just turn on the hotspot if I am someplace without wifi and I want to use it online.

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answers from Columbia on

I am with AT&T also. We have family share with unlimited talk and text. We share 6gb of data, which we have never gone over, but typically use about 85% (I get a notice at 75%, which is usually a couple days before the end of the billing period).

We have 3 iPhone 4S's, 1 non-smartphone and an iPad. I declined all insurance (that was costing $50 extra per month).

I pay $245 each month.

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answers from Houston on

4 iphones, AT&T, 6 gig data, unlimited talk and text, $260ish a month.
No roadside and no protection.

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answers from Detroit on

Um, we have 2 phones and it's $30 a month for both. TOTAL. Tax is like a dollar. Pre-paid thing.
Rarely use them but the minutes keep going up to the thousands!! I could talk all day if I wanted to!

Only grown-ups get one in our house. Over 18. No need before then.

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answers from Anchorage on

We pay over $180 for 3 smart phones, but we have no added insurance. This seems to be about the norm really, the first plan is the one with the big cost.

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answers from New York on

I pay 128.00 (includes all fees and taxes) for our family of 4 thru AT&T. 3 phones are just basic calling, one includes a data plan.

You need to determine what your needs are and then determine what plan is right for your specific needs. There are tons of plans, make sure you're not paying for services you don't need or aren't using.



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't know what providers are available in your area but I have unlimited text and data with 300 mins for $30 a month with my Iphone on VirginMobile. My hubs goes with cricket wireless and pays $20 a month for $300 mins and unlimited texts. We have pay per month, no contract plans. I found that AT&T,Verizon,ect charge much more. If you have Virgin Mobile in your area, I would highly suggest looking into it to see if it fits your needs. Good luck :)


answers from Dallas on

We pay $185 for 3 phones so it's probably about right.



answers from Cleveland on

We pay 170 per month for 2 smart phones. It's crazy I hate it but we are also doing version edge and paying for our phones each month. So it's not horrible


answers from Dallas on

Your plan sounds about normal to me.

We have 3 IPhones, no roadside, no extra protection, 1400 minutes total that we never use up, unlimited text and data and international. We run our company with our phones.

My bill is usually around $230 a month PLUS I have a discount on the plan of about 15% because I am also a substitute teacher and teachers get a discount as well.

We have ATT and have used ATT for 20 yrs.



answers from Dallas on

Sounds right to me. We have 3 smart phones with data packages plus our wifi and cable bundled together and pay $350. month (wifi/cable are about $100 month pre tax) no roadside but yes protection plan verizon



answers from Oklahoma City on

We pay $150 for both our phones. We have the highest plan that US Cellular has. We get tons of Believe points each month and can get new phones with the insurance.

They want $50 per month for each additional line. We won't be doing that. The kids don't need internet or a data program. They can use the free wifi through our internet provider to play games that require internet. We download a lot of games on their devices and they can play all they want.

We'll be going through the cheapest cost for the most minutes we can and probably a prepaid version so when they are all used up the phones go off. No over charges.

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