Cheapest CELL PHONE PLAN for Family of Three (Including Preteen Girl)

Updated on October 23, 2012
V.B. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Hi Moms,

I recently moved and as part of cutting cost was thinking about cutting off my LANDLINE. We're gone all day until evening hours. I wanted to know of any cheap family plans for cellphones that would cover my husband, me and my daughter who's 12 yrs. Would like to be able to text, unlimited calling and internet. Any suggestions would be greatful appreciated.

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answers from San Francisco on

We have 3 iPhones with unlimited talk/text/data, as well as an international plan, and it's around $280/month. However, if you just had "regular" cell phones, not smart phones, it could be WAY cheaper (as in, whatever your base plan is for phone #1, and then $10 each for phones #2 and #3). We have AT&T and they allow us to share minutes and data among all 3 phones. So if our daughter goes way over on texting, it's no big deal, because the base plan is unlimited, even though adding her phone to the plan is only $10/month for text and voice.

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answers from Boston on

We have the Verizon family plan where line 1 is about $90 with unlimited texting, and we share 700 minutes (and use about 200mins/month). We have 3 more lines that cost $9.99 each BUT with all the taxes and fees it really is almost $14 per line. Then make sure to check if your employer is listed with Verizon (both or ours were and both had a discount, one 8% and one 17%!!!) which is taken off the main line only before taxes. We pay about $120 for all 4 phones, but they are basic phones with keyboards since we all mostly text. The phones are also cameras (3.2 megapixels, similar to iPhone camera) and MP3 players (love mine on the LG Octane) and have calenders and alarms, etc, etc. I use all those features and do not miss that our phones do not have internet access. We could add a data plan (cheapest is $10/month) to do email/internet on our phones since the phone have some limited capability, but decided not to. We have 2 teen daughters and unlimited texting is a must.


answers from Dallas on

I don't know what cheap is to you.

We all 3 are on the same plan with unlimited text, internet and I believe 1400 minutes that are rarely used through AT&T and we all 3 have the 4s IPhones. Our bill is roughly $250 a month.

We recently added hubby to my plan with daughter. We were paying just over $200 for daughter and myself and hubby was paying $180 fo rhis plan alone, so we are saving a little money by grouping us all together.

Good luck.



answers from Phoenix on

I would recommend going prepaid, if you're really wanting to go the cheap route. I have Virgin & love it.



answers from Wichita Falls on

It depends on what you need. Are you heavy users, do you already own your phones, do you text, data? We have 2 phones on sprint plus a virgin phone for our 12 yr old. We put $10 a month on the disposable phone (for emergencies only) and our bill is at $70. But we do not text or use smart phones. There are also virgin phones with unlimited text talk data for $50 a month but you have to buy a virgin phone.

We gave up the landline a year ago, haven't missed it yet,

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