Care for a 4 Month Old and 4 Year Old in Seattle -Expected Cost?

Updated on October 17, 2011
J.M. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hello Mamas,

This question is specific to Seattle. It's been a while since I've looked for a nanny. I will need care for my 4 month old and 4 year old, part-time starting in March of next year. The total number of hours would be about 24, half days each days 4 days a week. The 4 year old will be @ pre-school some of the time (actually only 2 of the 4 days), but will need to be brought there. We've been incredibly lucky to have a close family friend living with us and taking care of our child, but this arrangement is not going to continue w/the new baby.

How much are we likely to have to pay for a nanny to care for our 2 children? We are not looking for someone with 15 years experience and a degree in early childhood education. We're hoping to find a capable, responsible, caring individual to get us to the point where my 4 year old is starting kindergarten and baby can go to daycare -next fall.

I am really out of the loop in terms of costs of nannies and even daycare as we've been really spoiled by having an almost family type care situation.
Thanks for your input.

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In our area nannies range from 15-35 an hour, w most I know making about 25 per hour. 25*24= 576 a week, or about 2300 per month.

Cheaper than group daycare, though, since infants *start* at 1600 a month, and potty trained kids at 800... and both only go UP into the 2k-3k per month range, a nanny is usually far less expensive than group childcare when you have more than one child in care.

An au pair might be another thing to consider, if you have the space. 4k up front to be held by the company as a contract bonus at the end, room, board, and $125 a week for 30 hour max. With the bonus that comes out to 875 per month. There are 3 main "types" of au pairs. 2 programs via the US State Dept (students and nonstudents), and private au pairs.



answers from Seattle on

My recent experience with nannies is you can expect to pay from $15-20/hour. Getting a part time nanny might be difficult.

And like Riley said, an au pair is another great option. I was unaware that you could get a "private" au pair. Maybe it's like hiring someone under the table. The State Department sets the rules on most au pairs, and there are a ton of agencies you can use. With 2 kiddos, this is probably a cheaper option than a nanny or daycare, if you have a private bedroom the au pair can use.



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Hi, my name is A.. I'm a registered nurse (RN) in Kirkland. I'm on maternity leave with my 5 month old and looking for supplemental income. What part of town are you in? I have an 8 year old son in school. My phone number is ###-###-####, call me if you think this could work.



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In my experience 1/2 days cost almost as much as a full day of care in a center. When I looked last (3 years ago) at centers, they really did not work for us because we only needed part time care. You may find that you would pay a lot arcs center for 1/2 time care. I was looking at 1600 a month. Not worth it! Since I was only working part time, I might as well have stayed home!
Home daycares are a lot cheaper. Closer to $35-70 a day depending on the home daycare and the age of the child. However, we were never able to find one that we really liked all that much. It is a very personal decision. Also, most home daycares will only take you on part time if they can find another part timer to fill the other half of your spot. Otherwise, they are giving up 1/2 of the income'which totally makes sense. It just makes it hard for you.
Most people I know pay their nanny $16-18 an hour. You can pay less if you hire a mother who will have her own child with her, but that can be problematic too. I found a great situation with this for my baby with a mother who had older kids. It worked really well and my daughter was a bit spoiled by the school aged kids when they came home from school!
If you do not hire a nanny, you may find it much cheaper to put your child in preschool all 4 days a week. Although infant care is typically the most expensive.
I know I found it was a lot more expensive than I ever imagined! After we had our second child my husband and I have managed to work opposite shifts. It's hard, but it isn't forever!

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